Sunday, December 11, 2011

What a great week!!!

Wow, it has been one really fantastic week! Wednesday was my birthday but I have to say that it seemed to be everyday last week beginning on Monday.

I caught a 4 3/4 lb. bass the summer of 2010. I may have talked about it in a post back then but sadly it swallowed the hook and died. P and I retrieved it from the water because we just couldn't stand the thought of such a beautiful fish turning into mush over the course of a few days. On the way home we went back and forth about who would clean it--neither of us had the heart to cut up this beauty. I mentioned off the cuff that we should just get it stuffed and well...that ended the 'who cleans it debate'. We brought it in in August of 2010. The guy finished it nearly a year to the day and it had been sitting in his shop collecting dust since then.

P made a command decision that he wanted me to have that fish for my birthday--everytime we thought we could get it, well, a car would break, a water heater went out, or other expenses came up and we had to put it off. So this time, P had a brilliant idea of calling our older daughters and asking them to chip in so he could get me my fish and they all happily agreed. So on Monday we went and got my fish and man it looks just as beautiful as the day I caught it. But it wasn't good enough for P.

We had to go to Menards and get all the fixings to create a mount for this fish. A piece of wood, some dowels, and P had to have a 4 x 6 picture frame so the original photo could be displayed on the mount next to the fish. It was a great Monday for him and I..lots of running, he worked hard to make that fish look like a trophy and displayed it proudly above our tv. It was a shrine and one that is hard not to look at nearly everytime I look towards the tv! Oh and we also got our tree, a traditional birthday gift for's really fat and about as tall as us. It sits here with the lights on but no decorations...the kids have not been doing their job!!! =0)

That was the beginning...all week long P was cooking me meals, cleaning the kitchen and on my birthday he scared the crap out of me. I am generally at home all day; quiet, peaceful, no interruptions. I was in my kitchen putting dishes in the dishwasher at around 12:30 waiting for P to call me on his lunch and our back door swung open. I had a handful of silverware at the moment; I thought maybe a gust of wind came and grabbed the door which is nothing unusual but then the big door flew open and I froze. My heart was in my throat--I had no idea who was entering our house....I stood there with my hand clutching the silverware half stooped over thinking, holy shit and all the sudden up hops P and he had a huge grin on his face and said, "Surprise honey!!! Happy Birthday!!!" In my panicked state the most I could muster at first was, 'what are you doing here?' Needless to say we had a great afternoon once my heart settled down.

After that our two younger kids and P made me dinner..we had waffles, sausage, and orange juice. I had a childhood favorite of waffles with blueberries and whipping cream on top. Mmmm, it was yummy and I was miserably full after that. The week continued with P and the kids doing nice things for me and on Saturday, our oldest threw me another small b-day party. It started with an all girls party and from there the guys joined us and we had a bonfire and a lot of laughs. Close friends and family. Our second oldest went out and got me an extra b-day gift...GIANT Reese's Peanut Butter cups--each one is a half pound. I've been wondering all day how I am ever going to eat these things! But I know that I will. Our oldest got me a birthday cake and made me blow out 43 candles twice. No boyfriends for me..hehehe!!!

I woke this morning feeling more loved in one week than any person could in a lifetime.

Anyway....I have posted a photo of the trophy fish....thank you to all those who attended the party last night and to my family for a really great birthday!!!

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