Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh it's on Baby!!!

As you can see below all this writing my hubby, son and I have been getting in some fishing. It appears though that due to some unexpected catches last night that the war is on! The above pic of our son is where the season began and as you can see, he pulled in a peewee. The two little pics are from pre-season and very unexpected catches...that is where it all began. P has a 3 1/2 pounder but mine---HA--weighed in at 4 1/2 pounds. At the time it was discussed that we should set a goal and I believe P is the one who mentioned it, but he said we should try to beat the 5 lb. mark...innocent enough. For me it was a goal, not a competition...Gawd, what in the hell was I thinking fishing with two testosterone filled males who live to compete.

Here I am, fishing just to fish and pulling in on average 3 pounders nearly every trip...woohoo, whoopti do...little did I know that it was eating my husband alive that he was only pulling in 1 1/2 to two pounders but I should have started to figure it out recently when he started to get whiny about fishing spots being already fished and dropping subtle hints that he should have pulled up further so he had a better spot to fish.......hmmmmmm. I thought it was just us enjoying something we ALL absolutely love to do.

I'm a generous fisherman-woman whatever I'm not PC but if I caught a fish I would tell my son to throw his line in my spot and also do the same for my hubby. I will point out the photo of my son and I....I lost my worm to a good size bass so I told my son to go catch it...wham, guess what? He caught it and I was overjoyed for him and even more so when he busted out laughing because for the second year in a row, he had pulled in a fish that had MY worm in it's throat! Had my line not snapped it would have been my catch...a 2 1/2 pounder but hey, I'm not even the slightest bit bitter...glad to have started a tradition with my son. Had that been P or B I would have never heard the end of it...I am so all this time I thought they were genuinely happy for me when I would pull in a lunker....not so. seems there is now this huge competition going on...I've got two boys here gloating and hemming and hawing because that pic of me in the yellow jacket was of a 4 3/4 lb. bass....P of course was trying to be kind by saying it was 5 but I have continued to correct him because I'm fair like that. Last night is apparently when the stakes got higher.....the gloating began, the joking and poking began because my fish that will be hanging on our wall is nothing compared to what they, imagine my surprise when I realized our 'friendly' fishing trips were really an ambush....doesn't that tell you something???? I'm the one who's been pulling in the good size fish the last couple years but I certainly don't rub it in because I just love to catch them!

So last night we found this spot on the lake after 3 or 4 hours of frustration with wind and no fish....Holy crap, what a great spot it turned out to be....our boy casted the second the motor shut off and within a couple minutes he hooked into a big one...see pic weighed in at 5 lbs even. The fish wasn't even out of the boat before he started in on me and how I don't hold the record anymore. Record? I was going for the 5 lb. mark because that was the goal...competing? Well, then P casted in the same spot and within a minute he hooked into that pig he's holding with a stunned look on his face...I seriously had to tell him to smile because I think the guy was in shock...I nearly recorded him bringing that fish in--the guy just cracks me up. Upon weighing this monster it turned out to be 6 1/2 lbs..him and our son were quite a spectacle trying to measure all of it's 21 inches while stopping to excitedly discuss the catch and how big it was..I mean really, P could fit his fist in that mouth! It was pretty exciting and as you can see, well deserved. P's not had a great season so far but after this catch, I think he's pretty much got the win in the bag......

Well.....for as non-competitive as I am, I might have to make some adjustments..this post being one of them........notice all the big fish I have in these pics? I bet in pounds alone I've managed to tip the scales with these fish....the boys and their peewees...pft! It's definitely on now........

Disclaimer: as a woman who tends to believe that the more I try the harder it will be to catch a bigger fish than Pat, I will say now that I do believe for this season, P will be the winner.....God help me when the end comes because I know I'm going to have to hear alllllll about it!!!


Teaparty said...

OMG! This post is just oozing with "little miss innocent" ridicularity.

You know what? Cry me a river.

Of course, if you did I would pull the biggest fish out of it.

Just kidding. Let's remember who picked the spot where these monsters were found. You truly are my own personal biopowered fish finder. Thanks babe.

Louie said...

Of course you would get a big fish out of my tears cuz fish just love me like that! I AM the queen of fishing!

I'm not trying to be innocent, just honest....and remember, you married me!

Glad I can share my fishing intuition with you but I think I might have to learn how to take the boat out on my own -- I'm thinking that sharing my secrets with you and GD #4 is a very big mistake! Shoulda been MY fish! LOL

redrajesh said...

nice pics...looks like you had a lot of fun :-)

Traci said...

Nice! We finally got out on fathers day and poor Jeffrey only got 1 fish. I got 2 bass and 3 sunfish. And his wasn't even bigger than mine!