Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Cyber World 2011

Already Thanksgiving and the day is nearly over! I did not overeat this year that is a first. Had I made the meal that might be a different story..heck, I would probably be eating leftovers right this second but no such luck this year.

We had a very quiet Turkey Day with P's family today...good food, nice chats, a few laughs and just an overall relaxing time. Then we moved on to my favorite nephews to end the day. My family is not quite as reserved...lots of loud boisterous laughter, silly antics and the most fun was the family photo of those of us that were there of all of us flipping the camera off. Yep, you read that right. In my family, this has become somewhat of a signature gesture--my father was good at doing that while sticking his tongue out whenever someone went to snap a photo....yeah, some things die hard. Perhaps a bit childish but keeping a part of our father alive on days like this gives us all a warm feeling. The best part was my mom joined in the fun. Her hands are a bit arthritic so I had to help her but she stuck her tongue out and was laughing the jolly laugh of a woman who loves to have fun. It was a very memorable 15 minutes for me....

So much to be thankful for, so many people in my kids who keep me young, keep me laughing, frustrate me, but mostly love me beyond any love a person could imagine. My hubby ... oh my hubby. So much about him I could rave usual. So I will choose just a couple...his love and support, his devotion, his smile, his laugh, and his sense of humor. Not a day goes by that I don't cherish these things in him....even when things are rough one look in his eyes and I can see beneath that frow-brow of his that mischievous side that reminds me that it is him that has made this life so worthwhile.

Extended family--looking around P's brother's today I was reminded that I have been a fixture in that family for 25 years--that they are in fact a part of me; have treated me like a daughter all these years--opened their hearts and arms to me in my darkest years...and welcomed me into their lives. My own family...oh those who have been constants..stood by my side when things have been at their worst as far as family goes, believed me, loved me, and kept me laughing through much of the painful times that have occurred. An my cute little mom...her and I have had quite a life together...fights, accusations, tears, a lot of laughs and it took a long time to find our center...but I do believe that we have found that. She is so very dear to me...her strength to endure things no woman should have come out on the other side with a great sense of humor, the innocence of a woman who has worked her butt off to raise eight kids but the wisdom in the wrinkles around her eyes that speak a million words--she certainly is one hell of a woman. I once mentioned many years ago on this blog that I just couldn't find the exact card to describe my mom--those were tough days for her and I....I will now say that that is no longer the case.'s Thanksgiving..not a day to stuff myself or to treat as any other but a day that I always take a moment to look around me and see...see all that love that surrounds me and how lucky I am to have all that I do.

I hope that all our friends have had as good of a day as I have...they too are people who have grabbed a spot in my heart, in my thoughts on a day like today. Good friends are very hard to find...ones we can share with and be as honest as we should be...who don't judge or make us feel like we are less than we know who I am speaking of my dear friends....

Another Thanksgiving Day been and gone but to me...all days should be days to be thankful for things we have. Happy Thanksgiving everyone..until next year!

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