Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What a really great weekend

I've been sick the last couple days. And it just figures...I decided on Monday that I was going to do one thing a day this week towards getting our house back in order and cleaned again. Yesterday, I woke up all gung-ho, dug into one room that really needed to be clean--it took me three hours to do. By nine o'clock though I had this nagging cough that just wouldn't noon I was curled up on the couch fighting the sleep and shivers. At least I finished that room though. At first I thought it was from the cleaning stuff I was using..that I was inhaling some of the stuff in the air and it was coating my throat...I no longer think that. So here I sit on my couch the second day in a row actually very disappointed that I cannot continue my 'to-do' list! How often does that happen? Yeah, never!

We had an absolutely fabulous, relaxing yet busy weekend. It's the one weekend in between all our 'busy' that we get to just be and do what we need to do or just simply want to do. On Friday we had a few beers and a fire with very wet wood. P managed to spark it anyway and I couldn't be more grateful for that because I really wanted a fire. He makes sure to give me what I want..what a guy I have!

Saturday P got up early and headed to the cities for the day to help his buddy move. I took our son to the park and him and I fished all day and into the evening--P met us there once he finished. We caught a few bass but nothing to brag about. That night we had a couple more beers and decided to sleep in the tent...yeah, we do that sometimes..just set up the tent and pretend to camp. lol

Sunday..ahh, Sunday was a fun day. P went and played tennis with our daughter and came home absolutely exhausted. She's quite a tennis player but loves to say she's not. But I can see that pride in her face when she talks about those matches with her dad. He loves to tease her though which is so like him.

So, after we all took showers and got ourselves together we decided to go fishing..and even our daughter wanted to go..oh goodness! Our daughter NEVER goes fishing with us so we had to get out of here and quick. When we left the sun was shining and it was still pretty hot out. We fished for a couple hours while this big dark cloud slowly made its way over our heads. Every few minutes it would start to rain...big huge drops would waft across the lake and we would watch as they came after us. Thankfully though we each only felt a few of those drops each time...enough to cool us off.

But then...yeah, things changed. We heard a siren and I asked if it was 6:00 already. Nope, that was just a siren going off. There was no rain or wind or anything. That siren kept blaring and then another started up...P and I looked at each other, at the sky and wondered if maybe there wasn't something heading towards us. Well then another siren and then another and another and we said, 'Ok, it's time to get out of here!'

There was a boat flying across the lake as we packed up as best we could....during that time it started to sprinkle, then rain, and as we were struggling to get the rest of our stuff the skies opened up. Sirens screaming, torrential rains showering us we simply just scooped everything up and took off.

As we made our way to the path with that eerie sound of five or six sirens going off, someone started sounding an air horn across the lake....good grief what in the son and I started walking faster and the rain came down harder. There was a slight breeze and then all the sudden I hear, "Oh my God, it's hailing!!!" I look down and see pea size hail bouncing all over the ground...I HATE's a childhood thing so when I saw my son stop and pick up a piece of hail I yelled at him to haul ass because hail is just not a good sign....then it kept getting bigger and I started seeing nickel size hail and my freak out mechanism really kicked in.

Yes, I was freaking out. I heard P and our daughter behind us saying 'Ouch! Ouch!' Our boy was in front of me saying 'Ouch! I just got hit again!' and I'm thinking...we have to get out of these trees because there was thunder and lightening and there was no way I was going to stop because I didn't want to get nailed with the hail..which by the way I must have been too focused on running and not tripping in my flip-flops because I didn't feel a single piece of hail hit me...I just kept telling our boy to hustle and that we had to get out of there....

Yeah, him and I did triple time back to the car...P knows how I feel about storms and he too was a bit freaked out but he hung back because our daughter was struggling to run in her flip-flops....oh it was probably pretty comical to the innocent bystander who may have been watching us....all the same it was not a very pleasant five minutes getting back to that car wondering what may have been lurking just over that horizon that caused all this racket!

Our son and I made it to the edge of the parking lot and guess what....the sirens whirred themselves into silence, the hail stopped, and we were left with a gentle breeze and a light sprinkle. At this time I stopped triple timing it and walked the rest of the way to the car. I looked back and P and our girl were still about 25 feet away walking fast but every last one of us looked as if we had just got in the shower with our clothes on and stepped out and went about our day! We were soaked.

The cars that were just moments before leaving the parking lot came back and man looked at us laughing and said, 'Where you going? The fun hasn't even started yet!" and proceeded to laugh with us.....we must have all looked like wet plastered to our faces, clothes heavy with water, mud up and down our legs from our flippers...yeah.

We hesitated mentally and thought about going back out to the point to fish all the while all of us putting our stuff in the car....I think at that point we had made a unanimous decision that yes, we were done fishing. lol But man, what a great adventure!

Monday came and our oldest daughter and her family wanted to come hang out for the day. They brought their 'secret' burgers and we played cornhole and sat outside watching our WeeMan playing for most of the day. It was one hell of a great weekend. While it wasn't just us sitting on our asses doing nothing all weekend it was so very relaxing and nice to have some time to just be! And I must say, each time we have this sort of time to ourselves we end up with some very great memories to reflect on....

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