Friday, June 22, 2012

Ridicuolous yet not suprising

I have another post for my hubby in the works but with the last few days of events in Duluth, I wanted to post this link because 1) I cannot stand PETA 2) this is so typical of them that 3) refer back to #1

This next link is something that is just another angle on how petty, ridiculous, and simply put irritatingly maddening people can be. Perhaps sitting the children in the middle of the road would create more peaceful enjoyment for these people! Jeezus!


redrajesh said...

really off the wall. The one in the second link especially. The people who cribbed should be sent to same gangsta area where the gangstas roam around with cans of spray paint painting it on house walls and cars.

Louie said...

agreed Red. People complain because kids are never outside playing...they can't play tag, they can't play dodgeball, they can't use chalk on the sidewalks..I guess it's time to teach them the ins and outs of technology so they can learn how to combat this type of mentality and put an end to it! Just maddening.