Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Memorial Day 2012

Another Memorial Day upon us so quickly and another day to honor those men and women who have sacrificed, served, and died for us. Each year I post the same things, but for myself it's important to remind myself.

I have a brother in the military who served in Kosovo for a year, friends who have served, our kids have friends who are returning and leaving for Afghanistan. I watch as families cry with joy when their soldier comes home, I listen to people reflect on those things they're allowed to about their experience away from home, I read headlines of soldiers dying, have cried tears as our own daughter went to boot camp and my brother went away to Kosovo.

I often think of the lonely road the soldiers must pave when they are thrown into the their lives will most likely never be the same once they return home--new bonds formed..a brotherhood with those they serve with..those they save and encounter danger with...those they work along side of while their families sit at home watching the tube or surfing the internet...even right now we are oblivious to what is going on in their world....the best I can do is to say Thank You and to remember.

Today is one day that I do that silently more than not...I post to my blog pretty sure they won't even know it exists but all the same...Thank You to all those who have sacrificed, served, and  given me the very right to live a life of freedom and peace!

God Bless all the soldiers for their service and selflessness.

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