Monday, May 14, 2012

Feeling very loved

Two pieces of cinnamon toast and freshly squeezed orange juice from our last two oranges lovingly squeezed by our daughter, hand-picked purple wild flowers carefully chosen by our son, 4 Jimmy Dean sausages cooked to perfection by my one and only, all served on a cookie sheet because we don't have tv trays! That is how my day started and how my Mother's Day has started for many years! It's something I have grown to look forward to.

Sometimes I wonder if all moms feel and think the same way I do...I often don't even think of my role as their mom or's just another day in my life. All mom's should be made to feel as special and I do hope that happens because it reminds me that even though I never think twice about the daily routine, there are people in my life who do in fact recognize these things. When my family walks through that door every Mother's Day with flowers and breakfast..all of them with big grins on their faces it just melts my heart! They are all so proud and happy to pamper me...what woman wouldn't love that?

We are getting ready now to go for a long walk....our oldest daughter is spending the day with her little guy and enjoying her time with him...our second oldest is here with us attempting to talk us into seeing Superhero movies, our youngest daughter is in her room waiting to go for a walk and our boy is out fishing for the day....we are planning to play the beanbag game after our walk and then P is going to make big fat T-bones on the grill for dinner. Ahhhh, I do so love my family! They are so awesome!

I attempted to call my own mom today but she was not at home. I do hope she's enjoying this beautiful day...more than likely she's out gardening or doing yard work because we just cannot keep that woman settled long enough to relax. I will try to call her again later but until then....

For all you mom's out day a year we are all honored and rightly so. Being a mom brings with it so many different many overwhelming feelings, so much worry, so much much love in our hearts.and many times of saying, "God, if only I had listened to my mom". Yep, I've said that more than not..I've also said, "you just wait...." or "I told you so" or "I'm turning into my mom"....all things I swore I would never do because that knowledge and those same words my mom always used irked me more than anything else! Yep, now I am my mom!

I hope all you mom's had a spectacular Mother's Day today! I know that mine has been perfect and I am so proud and honored to be the mom to four really great kids who take the time to let me know how very much they love me even if I irritate them; and I am so very warmed by a husband who appreciates me that much that he is standing right next to them throughout the day smiling proudly and doing everything he can to make my Mom's Day just that much more special.

Thank you P, D, J, C, and B! You made this mom feel so very loved and honored!!!! What a really great family I have!!!

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