Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Yep, it's once again my favorite day of the year. The day I began dating the love of my life..the one who changed my whole outlook on life and living! 27-years ago I was asked to be his girlfriend...as many may know he asked on the 13 but I refused him because of unlucky 13...it had nothing to do with Valentine's Day. In fact, I remember to this day thinking how corny and cliche it would be but I didn't care--that unlucky 13 over-ruled all of that.

27-years of love, laughs, tears, stress, frustration, new experiences, new adventures, bumpy roads, smooth roads, kids, grandson, oh and so much more. How is it two people can tolerate each other through so much?? My own folks lasted over 50-years before my father passed away..that is a long time to endure the many challenges and unexpected with one person but man, I wouldn't change a moment!

P asked me yesterday if instead of the usual dinner out I would like to go play some virtual golf...that guy has some really great ideas I tell ya! I am all for that. Don't woo me with roses or jewelery although I do appreciate them every once in awhile-- chocolate, hmmm now I am always open to that =0). Don't get all mushy on me...I'm not that way even though I gush endlessly about what a great man I have or other things that completely have a strangle hold on my heart.

Yeah, even today, 27-years later, I am head over heels. Can't wait until he gets off work and we get to go pretend to golf! To get a big hug from him and feel the comfort of his arms around me and so many other wonderful things.

Sweethearts Day....yeah, I got me one of those and he's as sweet now as he was 27-years ago....

Happy Valentine's Day P.....couldn't be more in love..well, I take that back...each year this day comes my heart has grown more. My emotion for you has grown to unspeakable levels, the joy I have had with you all these years has far outweighed any unhappiness we, like every other couple, has endured....And once again, another year passes and I am even more convinced this year than last that I wouldn't trade a moment of the seconds I have had you in my life to love!

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