Sunday, February 12, 2012

An eerie walk in the woods today

This photo has NOTHING to do with my photo project. P and I were out walking today in a very desolate, dry, area of marshland in search of swans. We saw them last week...about 30-40 of them from far away and decided today that we were going to find a way to get closer. Well...we got there and the swans weren't there today. P was standing on a dead tree--one of many in this area--and I was facing the other way looking around me at all the old ancient trees...many uprooted, others just look weathered and deformed. I started to think about that question, 'I wonder if anyone hears it if a tree falls' one...Needless to say, I was looking at how eerie things looked and kind of got a shiver.

So we sat on an old fallen dead tree for about half an hour chatting and looking at an eagle...just kicking back enjoying the day and hoping by some miracle the swans would come back. We decided to make our way back after we made a small detour out on some water to poke around a bit. On our way back from the water we saw two huge masses...uprooted trees. The root base was at least a foot taller than we are. We walked around and we must have thought at the same time ... this root would be a good den for an animal...we discussed it as we got out of there but anyway, I had to take some pics of these things....The two trees had fallen in different directions--one pointing north the other pointing east. I quick shot the photos and we went on our way.

After we got home, I loaded the photos onto my computer and came to this one, did a double take and freaked out...OMG, do you see what I see? Do you see that? That is so friggen' creepy. Neither P or I noticed it when we were there but in this photo it's clear as can be. Yeah, this happens in photos, I know...shadows create some really interesting and cool effects in photos but this...yeah, it still creeps me out to look at it! Enjoy.....

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