Saturday, February 11, 2012

366 Days of photos--Week 1 Body parts

Our daughter has found a love for photography! Woohoo....all four of our kids have the knack and well, that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But our second oldest is pushing me to join her in a project. A photo a day for 366 days--leap year this year--each week is a new topic. I am loving it!

As for our daughter...she has been quickly building her photography hobby into something that may very well turn into a future studio. In two weeks she will be photographing her first wedding--my nephew's. She's excited, nervous, and giddy all at the same time. She has a whole slew of very up to day camera equipment that she's been purchasing. She has a list of people who want her to photograph their children, two beautiful camera bodies, long lenses, short lenses, fish-eye lenses, a lens baby and all sorts of other stuff.

She is rekindling my love of the art that is photography. I recently bought a used digital camera and am falling in love with it's abilities despite the fact that I vowed to never own one of them. I caved into my own stubbornness..yep, I admit it. My bad. But to my credit, I am going to school for IT so I guess I better get with the times and learn about all these electronic devices--yeah, I know, that's weak! lol

So anyway, she's been pushing me to pick up my camera more and get cracking. She wants me to work in her studio when she opens one....she makes me remember that there was something I really enjoyed, that I was decent at, and that I still have it. I've taken more pictures in the last 4 months than I have in the last four years......behind the lens..there is just something about that that gives me peace. Fishing, golfing, the long, five mile walks P and I have been going on...

So, I told her I would take part in this really cool project. 366 days of photos is what it's called. The site offers an spreadsheet that lists all the weeks of this year; each week is a new topic and as I looked at it my mind started racing with ideas that I could do for each worries, I won't be posting 366 photos here--some but not all..I may have to create a special blog but either way...I haven't missed a day. And the best part is learning to use my camera--my digital camera, natural light, and using shadows to my advantage...and seeing the progress.

Yeah, I've missed those days of taking pictures just for the fun of it but it's been pretty easy to remember how very much a part of me it was and still's just three

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