Friday, January 20, 2012

Our WeeMan is three today!

Today is our grandson's third birthday and it sure is a day of remembering for some reason. He came into our lives and we were in a shocked/limbo kind of state. He was born nine months to the day of my father's death, he came into the world on Obama's inauguration day, and I will never forget looking into his eyes the first time and seeing my father's eyes.

At first I didn't know what to think...people picking on us about being young grandparents, our daughter so young herself, the idea of this new little life in our family, and still mourning the loss of my father...that seems to never go away btw except it does ease a bit, except around holidays. But this little WeeMan of ours...

He was the new life, the new beginning of a new phase of our family. The end of thinking we were just parents and our kids were going to go on to do great things like marry good mates, have great jobs, go to's truly amazing how reality slaps people in the face when they are least expecting it.

Our daughter has done an exceptional job with this little guy...he is a character, full of life and energy, learning new things everyday, a daredevil like his mama always was, his smile lights up any room...oh could I gush about him.

I never could comprehend that special feeling that people always talk about--grandparents and their grandchildren. That connection was something I never even thought about..perhaps because I wasn't prepared to be a gamma, as Wee so lovingly calls me. The kid hops into my lap and wraps his little arms so tightly around my neck that there are times I am choking. He gives me fishy kisses, tells me loves me, calls me and the first words from his mouth when I say hello are, "Happy Birthday Gamma" lol.

Maybe it was because all I knew was how to be a mom and holding a child that looks so much like our first born was a bit awkward at first...he has her eyes, her cheeks, and so many other traits of hers. He looks like our son on some days. So much so that even his own mama thought that a picture of our son from long ago was her boy....

Oh I do love being a gamma...special weekends with him, seeing him and our daughter every other week to go shopping and he'll grab something off the shelf and ask if I will get it for him, hearing him tell me he loves me or Happy Birthday just like Frosty the Snowman...

He is very dear to P and I. Poor P hardly ever gets to see him so I send him pics when I can and I can just hear the envy in P's voice when we talk. He adores that little guy so much. marks year three of being grandparents to an amazing little grandson. His mama is a good mama, dotes on him like most of us doted on our own, spends a lot of quality time with him, preparing him for preschool already, taking him out to enjoy and appreciate nature and all that surrounds him...I couldn't be more proud of her and the little boy she calls her son. He is just as amazing as his mama was at his age and will most certainly continue to be so despite her frustrations with his stubbornness and selective hearing. I just laugh and laugh whenever she complains about his attitude or his defiance....heck that's all I can do because I been there done that! Now I know what my mom meant when she would tell me, 'you just wait, your day is coming'. I often hear those words spill from my mouth but I must keep to myself the words, 'I told you so'. teeheehee

Tomorrow we go to her house to celebrate the third milestone for all of us. I know the day will be great, that I will stoop down and tell Wee to come give me a hug and he will run into my arms and do just that. I love hugs from my hubby and my kids but I have to say those coming from that little guy have a new place in my specifically meant for him and all the future grandkids that I'm sure P and I will have.

Happy Birthday to our wee grandson today!!!!

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