Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years 2012

So far this vacation has been absolutely wonderful--well except for two days of a stomach bug for myself but I'm better today thank goodness! A lot of laughs, relaxation, visits to the grandparents, visiting my father's grave, and just being lazy. Yep, lazy! What a concept.

P and I were just discussing how there's only five days left and it just put a sour taste in my mouth. The thought of him going back to work, the kids going back to school, and my computer becoming a permanent fixture on my lap everyday...yuk. So, I'm not going to think of that.

As I anticipate the coming New Year, I think back to the last year. It's been a tough year for us...lots of things breaking--cars, boat motors, fishing poles, water mains, water heaters, deck doors..all within just a few months. How resilient we all are to these dumb we all manage to get over that hump each and every time something puts a halt on our progress to better things.

Ahh, the human spirit. I speak of it a lot. The ability to laugh things off, the ability to learn, grow, and adjust accordingly. The ability to bounce back. If there is one thing about most of us it's that we don't look back and dwell but we move forward and use that past as a step. If a person dwells they only live in their own pool of sorrow and become a victim and frankly that in and of itself is a sad thing.

What is New Years? Why is it such a big to-do? Frankly, I don't really know. It's just another day with a new number much like a birthday..another year older, another way to confuse me if I have to write out the date on a check or some form...resolutions are made, great things expected, but in the end, after January 30 we are all adjusted to the new year by then, doing taxes, and life goes on just like last year. Some get new jobs, others get married or divorced, have babies, lose weight, quit smoking, we all age another year but in the end it's just life moving on.

For me, it's relishing the moments I have with those I love, with friends I've made, cherishing milestones of my children and grandson, and simply enjoying another day to live and breathe. Each day is a new beginning for myself--anticipating what that day will bring. Maybe I'm not one to plan ahead and make a regimented schedule of how my life will be by the next year. That's just not my style. One day at a time is more my style. All I can say is that I know I'll be fishing, playing golf, and continuing my schooling next year while seeking out a job. These are the only things I know but they are not resolutions, they are those things I have to do to grow and enjoy my life with my family and friends.

Yeah, holidays make me a scrooge at times. Generally I'm a Christmas scrooge but this year there was much to be thankful for and a general peace surrounding the holiday. New Years? all those out there that do in fact find this day to be a new start I wish you all the best of luck in your resolutions, hope that the New Year brings you everything you hope, and that everyone stays safe and sound in their celebration of those bigger and better things! For myself? I will resolve to not be such a scrooge next year but yeah, that is yet to be seen. ;0)~

Happy New Year to everyone!!!!!

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