Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another trip been and gone...

Hmmmm....ok, had another weekend vacation up at the North Shore last weekend thanks to our very dear friends M and F! That vacation was so needed and so much fun!!!! We spent most of it being absolutely lazy and boring...playing Jenga, or Farkle, and watching movies..sitting around. We did get out the first day we were up there so M could browse some shops and stopped at Iona's Beach and froze our butts off. M built a 'Jenga' tower out of rock which turned out pretty cool as you can see from the pics.

We were hoping for the November Gales but unfortunately we weren't blessed with that. On Saturday there was some decent waves but I do have to say, we were once again lucky with the weather we had. It's bitter sweet really...we want those humungous waves to crash to the shore but with that comes cold bitter winds. We had beautiful weather--sunny, a bit warmer for that area, and pleasant--a slight nip but man, for the middle of November who is complaining. I can't say there is really a reason to complain as far as weather goes up there--it goes one way or the other but either way there is something to enjoy!

F made us dinner on Saturday--this absolutely positively scrumptious scallop meal that I swear some day I am going to make for us! Damn that is SO good not to mention his garlic bread is out of this world. We were delinquents a lot, throwing responsibility to the side for much of the weekend--went to the pool and hot tub for a little while, danced and sang, and a rare treat, P brought his guitar up and more singing was done, drank too much, laughed more than I have in weeks, and just breathed for a change. It was definitely a really great time with some great friends.

Now P and I sit and look at the pictures and discuss how we tried so hard to get angel hair on the waves, or how this face is funny or that face is funny. I do love taking pics. I am fortunate enough to have acquired a 'new' used digital 35 mm recently so we snapped photos to our hearts content. I think all told there was about 350 pics.

Oh gosh I forgot about the beaver....the day we were out and about there was a beaver casually eating the bark off a few branches below the bridge we stood on. The four of us stood and watched that thing for a very long time...quite boring yet intriguing in some strange way. After all, it just stood there and gnawed and gnawed as we watched. What is it about seeing critters in the wild that mesmerizes people? Anyway, there was ice on the water there so we got to experience something pretty cool....the beaver FINALLY finished its bark and had to move on. I love the tails on those things and so badly wanted to get a picture of it but that beaver was being very stubborn .... I thought maybe I could get a pic of it as it jumped off the rock it stood on but waaaah, it didn't happen.

We stood there and watched the air bubbles rise from beneath the surface of that ice trying to follow it as it swam. And then it came closer to the surface and 'pop''s head broke through the ice next to another branch. I snapped that pic you see here and laughed because it was a bit comical. Then it was gone and again we followed the air bubbles...the other photo is of it swimming under the water into the tunnel...Did I mention the water clarity up there was incredible? Yeah...the picture gives you a good idea actually.

Anyway....enjoy the pics ... we're home again and it is currently snowing out! How depressing! P and I almost dared the weather yesterday for one last hurrah on the golf course but unfortunately other things came up that took precedence.'s time to hibernate again!
Have a great night all!


Anonymous said...

We had a great time with you guys!!
F & M

louie said...

We had a lot of fun too!!!! Good friends, good food, and good fun..what the hell more can a person ask for in this life!!!!!

Thanks again for everything....