Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another twist on logic of people

I found this story last week and it's bothered me ever since. This is a world of being connected pretty much all the time is it not? A man, prone to concussions, gets hurt on the football field and is fined $10,000 because he had the audacity to call his wife from the sidelines during a game to simply let her know that he was going to be ok. And he didn't even use his own phone, he borrowed one from a trainer or something...

Is it wrong to call your loved ones so they aren't sitting at home worrying?

I get that football players should be focused on their games but if it were my husband out there getting beat to a pulp and he has a high incidence of concussions you can bet that I would want to know if he were ok. And where was the foul in this man loving his wife so much that he thinks to give her a courtesy call like that? I commend him for this while the NFL punishes him. Another twisted story of logic if you ask me.

Who knows, maybe him and his wife have been discussing him quitting the game because of these very dangerous injuries...maybe he has kids and worries about being around for them....maybe it might just scare him enough to reach out to the woman in his life for some comfort and peace of was a short phone call...where is the crime?

I get that using a cellphone to make some phone call to gloat about a sweet play just to upset the other team is unwarranted but this?

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