Friday, October 14, 2011

Felony for one and sympathy for the drunks? Ummm, you decide

Small update to this story: Found this link today and am so very happy to hear this man is seeking self defense and that many, many people of society believe he was in the right........I left a comment at the story and at the end I mentioned this: If it were a woman behind that counter who did the same exact thing as this man you can damn well better believe she would never be charged with anything but instead use that self-defense plea and the world would sympathize! Just irritates me......

Ok, granted the guy should have stopped beating these women with the metal bar--most definitely-- but was he not practicing self defense to some extent? Did these woman physically attack him first because he was doing his job asking about some suspicious money they handed him? Maybe to some degree he felt threatened...who knows when someone is going to pull a weapon...not to mention drunk people to boot.

And the best part is how the reporter is so nonchalant about what these women are doing and then suddenly disgustingly describes what this guy did as gruesome.

And just an FYI, I don't condone what this guy did but at the same time...there is some level of wrong in how lopsided this story is.


redrajesh said...

Good analysis. Long time since you wrote a post like this...reminds me of the first time I saw your blog :-)

louie said...

lol...yeah, been in a mood lately. Maybe you'll see more too!