Thursday, September 29, 2011

The lad can certainly fish!

We've been unable to do much fishing the last couple months because both our motors are on the fritz. However, that does not stop our son from reeling in the big-'uns! That boy is an amazing fisherman and continues to oooo and aww us by the day.

He has discovered the St. Croix River. He goes fishing as much as he can if that means only an hours worth he is on that bike peddling his way to his secret spot...not so secret considering there are many others down there he hangs out with who give him tips, let him reel in the fish, show him where he should try...but the boy doesn't need their help. He has pulled so many fish out of that river in the last month...northern, small mouth bass, suckers, carp, sturgeon, and his favorite, muskie.

He has found his heaven and P and I could not be more happy about that. The child is riding his bike, enjoying the outdoors, away from the computer and video games, climbing around on rocks and getting a very big appreciation for his surroundings. Of course there's danger involved and I worry all the time but I have to say I just love that he has found something he loves to do and so close to home. And he has a friend who fishes with him nearly as much. Those two are going to have some really great memories together considering the fish stories they are collecting....and they add new ones everyday they go..for instance:

Last Sunday, P and I were dealing with another family issue. I got a text from our boy--thinking he was checking in or something only to discover it was a photo. Ohoh, that could only mean one thing....he has caught something substantial since that is the only time he uses his minutes on his phone to let us know he caught something large.

I opened up this photo and stared in absolute awww at what I saw. A HUGE sturgeon only five inches shorter than our boy....I had to wait for hours for the kid to tell me how big this fish was but it turned out to be 57-inches. P and I looked that up on the internet--the length to weight ratio and it turns out a sturgeon that size is roughly 50-lbs. Some say it's a pound per inch, our boy said it was a female and they are bigger than the males....his buddy caught another that was between 45-55 inches that same day.

They found these guys who fish exclusively for sturgeon. They've been fishing down there for the last 20-years. These guys would get a fish on, set the hook and allow the boys to fight the good fight and from what our boy said, it was a hell of a fight. He said his arms were numb and very tired.

P has written up a press release for our local paper for our county and we are awaiting word from the other boy's mom to include his photo and story in there as well. Apparently our local paper has published a lot of fish pictures.

I cannot tell you how good it makes me feel that despite the fact that our motors are broken ... our boy has found a way to do what he loves and he is doing a hell of a job!!! Hope you enjoyed the photos.......on a side note, this last picture is my favorite....for some reason it just melts my heart to see that look on his face, to see him struggling to hold this thing, and to know that that is our son.

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