Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blind to their own fouls

Last night I was reading through the news and found a story..yeah, it's a bit sad but nothing to cry over in my opinion. I left a couple comments at this story though because the twisting of the situation just irked me to that point.

A couple years ago in our state there was this big hoopla about a video camera being placed in a bear den. It just so happened to be a pregnant female in this den so as you could probably guess, a live birth was video taped and displayed all over the internet. I did try to go to the video but circuits were busy and I couldn't access it. Sure, what a really intriguing thing to see but not so much that I paid much attention after that.

There have been murmurs about this bear and her family here and there but I again, paid little attention until yesterday. Apparently the bear that was born 'Hope', on the YouTube video to 'Lily' was shot by accident by a hunter.

Hope was not collared or tagged so any hunter could and would have shot this black bear that dared to come to their feed stand.

The researcher in the article pretends to understand it was a mistake but laced throughout are jabs at the hunter....I cry foul!!!! The hunter was legally hunting, legally shot this bear, and even had the decency to call and tell them that he might have shot her by accident..yet according to the researcher, 'the hunter showed no remorse'!

OMG...remorse for WHAT??? Oh maybe the dedicated audience that indulged in exploiting this family of bears? I'm sorry, I enjoyed indulging in Knut's life because that bear was so adorable..but in the end I was disgusted with the fact that this exploitation continued up until the death of this poor bear who was caged its whole life and for humans could get some enjoyment out of its antics and ooooo and awwww and brag about seeing Knut. Well bravo people, you got to watch a bear in captivity live and die...hope you're so proud!

Sorry.....I love animals..and I mean love them but I also respect them and understand that I am just as much of an invasion as they are to me.

It's a friggen' bear and as I said in one of my comments at the article, had that video camera never been placed in that particular den, people would not know the difference between smokey the bear or this bear! Hundreds of black bear get shot by hunters every DARE these people disrespect the memory of all those other 'meaningless' bears hunted and killed!

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