Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Favoritest Man!

It used to be I would plan some type of dinner date with a movie or something extremely special for P's birthday. I would make sure he had the day off work so we could spend the day together. We'd go to his favorite restaurant, a good movie...as we get older that doesn't seem so important anymore.

Today is P's 42nd birthday..he is officially the same number as me. All our years together he has boasted about how I'm older than him or relished in the fact that he's married to an older woman...but on this day every year I swear I say the same thing...."HA!!! Now you're as old as me!" and his response is always..."for a few days."

We have no special plans. We went golfing yesterday and had a really nice relaxing time--the weather was beautiful and the company was beyond pleasant. All that hoopla that seemed so important all those years ago....it HAD to be on the day of the birthday or the day of the anniversary...now it's done when we can afford it or when we have the time--usually a few weeks out.

Regardless of the fact that at this point there are no special plans in the mix, I just want the love of my life to know how very special he really is to me. At one time in my life it seemed that lavishing him with gifts and attention was the way to let him know how I really felt about him, I am wiser now.

Today he is at work, probably will have some cake with his coworkers, he'll come home early and we will have dinner at home with our family...enjoy our life as it should be...and I will tell him how very much celebrating another year of his life with him could not make me happier. Those dinners out will never compare to just holding his hand and laying my head on his shoulder while we watch a movie.

Now, whether this will suffice for him...hmmmmm.....but knowing him for the last 26 years I think its safe to say the best birthday gift I could give him is a really nice, relaxing and quiet night at home.

Happy, Happy Birthday P! I love you more than life itself!

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