Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Birthday C

Gawd is this heat awful! P, myself, and our friend T went out golfing on Monday....I have to admit, I didn't think I was going to be able to go another nine holes after that first nine but we got to sit for about a half hour in the club house to cool off and get rehydrated. P and I dunked our shirts in ice cold water, I got my towel wet, I had my water jug filled with lots of ice and water and off we went. Thankfully, there weren't many other fools out that day golfing like us so we pretty much had the course to ourselves and were able to take it slow and rest in the shade many times. The second nine wasn't nearly as bad but by the last hole, we were all pretty much drained and ready to seek some cool and food.

Yesterday was our youngest daughters Sweet Sixteen! Man where does the time go. I remember when she was first born; a ton of hair, pudgy cheeks, and by six months had the mentality that what she wanted she was gonna get! That hasn't changed much!

She is my only girlie girl. Afraid of bugs, afraid to be alone, her clothes have to match and look just perfect, her hair has to be just right.....that's my fault. When she was little I swore I was going to have my little girl. Our older two of course are girls but more rough around the edges and more like me...laid back and don't care how we look on most days. But this child? I had to put her hair up all the time--Pebbles ponies, pig tails..her clothes had to be girlie--dresses, matching, cherries on many of them, clean, mini skirts..the works. Yes, I created this child and P didnt' seem to mind how damn cute she looked when her long flowing curls draped down her back with little barretts holding it from her face. She was my littlest girl.

She spent the day with her boyfriend of a year. I made her her favorite food--tacos--and even hand made her cake which is comical to say the least. Her boyfriend spoiled her rotten buying her all sorts of clothes and even a prom dress for next year which is gorgeous and it was under $20!

Today she still sleeps after her big day....she's excited because she can officially work more hours now and make more money so she can buy all those things she wants.....oh the days of being excited to work just to have spending money!

Life just keeps rolling along. Many bumps and wicked twists in the road. The kids continue to age and grow into beautiful human beings. All the years of hell are more worth it as they get older--to see them grow up, succeed, achieve goals, and be proud of themselves just makes it so worth it!

Happy Birthday to our baby girl......she is one hell of a kid and turning into one amazing woman!!! We couldn't be more proud to call you our daughter!

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