Monday, August 08, 2011

In this life it's the simpler things

Oh my, it's been awhile. I'm currently on a three week mental break from school and loving the freedom of no homework and no laptop in front of me. So much so that I have barely even been on my Facebook page which is pretty amazing.

It's been an interesting few weeks for us. A water line sprung a leak a few weeks ago which caused us immense amounts of stress and some potentially quick and tough decisions...a week later our water heater went out due to the heat and humidity..before that, the power windows on one side of our car just stopped working...ummmm, the outside glass panel of our deck door shattered because of the heat and humidity, our boat motor is just about dead right before our vacation and pretty much unfixable, ahhh, I know there's more but I just can't keep track. This all within the last month has left us VERY ready for our upcoming annual family vacation!

I started an internship at a school district a couple weeks ago....and I absolutely LOVE it! I worried for awhile that I wasn't making the right choice with my schooling but the first day I worked I knew right away that my decision was rock solid. The woman I'm working with has me running like a chicken with its head cut off and will have me busy for the next couple weeks or so...the position is paid and indefinite which is HUGE for an internship! I couldn't be more overjoyed with this nor can P. In fact, it's at his place of employment in the IT department so we get to ride to work together every day, have lunch together, and come home together. Yeah, I know...roll the eyes. But lucky for him and I it is an added bonus.

Sadly, a friend of ours lost her 40-year old husband last Wednesday to esophageal cancer. The cancer was discovered just last October....we attended the wake yesterday and it was difficult. They have two boys--one a year older than our son and the other a year younger. P and I stood and watched the video yesterday tearing up and just shaking our heads--this just shouldn't happen to people our age...but it does all the time right? His wife is a wonderful person--I worked with her for three or four years doing daycare. Over those years we had a lot of fun together and shared a lot of heartache too. It is really difficult to see her...she's showing so much strength and has throughout all of this. Too young...just ugh.

Anyway, now I sit here appreciating even those dumb malfunctions of our water pipe and water heater..they are just material things and are replaceable. Life is not, my husband and children are not....those friends who have impacted me in deep ways are not, those few siblings I adore are grandson is awake each morning is a gift, to hold those who love you and those you love even for a brief moment is a gift....while it's sad that two lives we've been acquainted with have been lost at young ages, their loss has left behind many who are reminded what really matters.

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