Monday, June 27, 2011

Graduation complete for this degree

It is official...I have earned my Associates as of Sunday! My final grade posted after waiting on pins and needles all week--I half assed my final because I was just mentally spent and wanted a week off and in the end, my GPA still sits at a sure is a good feeling to look at my grade report and see 17 'As' and one 'A-'; it reminds me that I am in fact working my butt off despite those feelings of guilt of not working.

This past Saturday P and the kids threw me a really great graduation party! It was so much fun and so many people showed up to pat me on the back -- I was a bit overwhelmed at times because I was being pulled in all directions to talk to this person and that person when I was seeking out another.

The day started out with a really special surprise that P and the kids had been picking on me about for weeks....trying to egg me on to get me to beg for friend from Connecticut showed up early and spent an hour or two here visiting before the actual party started. I hadn't seen her in two years and we talk very rarely. She's been my friend for 21 years ... my family laughed at me because I saw her and started skipping down the side walk to her...gawd that just swelled my heart to see her walking in the driveway with her two kids! What a great way to start the party.

People started to trickle in about 3 and that steady trickle lasted until about 10 or 11--it could have been later too but I don't know. I never once looked at the time until about 2:30 in the morning after most everyone was gone and we were sitting around the fire with my niece and sister (sunshine). I think we finally went to bed at about 3:30 in the morning....

Our oldest two daughters did an amazing job with everything! They made all the food, decorated, our oldest hand-made and decorated my cake with a Mickey Mouse in a graduation cap....P cleaned up the yard and helped clean up the house, cut all the wood, our younger two helped me clean up around the house and decorated and reminds me of why I adore my family so damn much!

I had a whole week off of school and all week I longed to sit around and do nothing but relax...that didn't happen. I was busy and exhausted at the end of every day from running around and cleaning but in the was the only way I can imagine to spend my anticipation of a party full of friends and family.

I saw people I hadn't seen or talked to much in years, I was pulled this way and that way all night, was barely able to even smile at my hubby and kids because people were keeping me so busy....that made me sad...I missed them and wanted to thank them all for thinking so much of me and for recognizing my accomplishment! It was a really special and memorable I won't soon forget and each time I think about it my heart just nearly explodes for love for my hubby and kids and all that they do for me!

To all my friends who showed up...thank you! While I wasn't able to talk to all of you as I would have liked to....I know you were there for me and I appreciate all the moments we had whether it was five minutes or 25 minutes.....your presence there was not lost! Being the guest of honor is not something I'm used to doing and I can't say I really expected to be so busy chatting with was a great, great night and one I won't soon forget!

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Christy said...

So glad you had such a great party!! You've impressed me with how hard you work and all your dedication not only to school, but to your family and friends as well throughout this time.

God Bless