Monday, June 06, 2011

What a great weekend!

I've been informed that I haven't posted on here since Mother's Day. Yeah, it's true but I have good excuses! A lot has been going on the last few months. School of course, work, doctors, fishing, soccer, golfing, graduation. I've written things and deleted them only because they're so boring! But because a friend of ours actually reads my blatherings I thought for him I would put up a post! =D

Soccer season is well under way but honestly it's been pretty bleak. The boys are not playing very well this year and have yet to win a single game. It's a bit sad but I expected it this year. They moved up a level, are playing on bigger fields, there's more players on the field, and they're using a bigger ball. Sadly you would think that the net is bigger that they might be able to squeak in a goal but that is not the case this year. It's been a rough year for them.

School has been kicking me in the ass these last 7 weeks causing me endless amounts of stress and frustration. I graduated this past weekend for my Associates although it's not 100% official until I'm finished with these two classes on the 11th.

I do have to talk a bit about this past weekend. P and the kids made me feel like a queen this weekend. My graduation was on Saturday. P took a whole day off work on Friday to spend it with just me, took me golfing, took me out to eat, bought me new golf shoes, and was ready to take me where ever I might have wanted to go. On Saturday he made sure the kids all dressed up real nice and were available to come watch their mom walk in a cap and gown to get my 'scroll'. They yelled when I walked across the stage and I just beamed at them....I didn't want to go through the hoopla...not this time around. Afterall, I'm continuing on for my Bachelor's and will graduate again next year or so. Why do it twice?But its finally starting to sink it how much it meant to P, the kids, and everyone else around me. I'm not one who likes fanfare or to be doted on......

Well.....after the ceremony we got photos and then they all took me out to lunch. They gushed about how proud they were of me and were just incredible to me. I've never been made to feel so special before, not even on Mom's day even though breakfast in bed and getting to do whatever I want is pretty special...this was different though. I had to choose everything! I don't know, it was just a really great day. P and I went to our friends house later that night and I was immediately given a celebratory shot. We hung out there for the rest of the night, drank, played some darts, but I have to admit, I was exhausted by about 10:30. I told P this but he wanted to wait a few hours before he drove home.

Then on Sunday we power cleaned the house, P mowed most of the lawn and then we went out fishing until 10:00 last night and caught just a ton of bass. Our boy caught the most of course, P ended up catching the biggest, and I caught my share as well and the second biggest. Today P set up another tee time for him, myself, and our friend and we spent 5 1/2 hours on the course baking in the sun struggling on a course that is hilly and exhausting.

Now I sit here and think about this past weekend and kind of wish it wouldn't have to end. I had such a nice time all weekend, smiles everywhere....

The last few weeks have proven to be very challenging, very stressful, very irritating--things I won't discuss on my blog. Can't help but feel that we are constantly being tested for our strength as a couple, as a much can a person or people take before they just can't do it this house I'm thinking we can take a hell of a lot and will continue to do so as the road continues to be paved.

I sat at the restaurant on Saturday listening to our kids laughing and joking, watching P trying to be so serious only to succomb to the laughter and joking. I once again realized that it is our kids and that man by my side who give me strength and courage...who keep me smiling even in the darkest of times, who step up to the plate if I can't go on....and that is how it is with each of us. We have each other's back, kick in the strength if one of us can't do it anymore, and take those dark moments and shine the light on it.

I have a very blessed life; a very blessed existence. All things I take for granted on many days but on those others the overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude is just sometimes too much to absorb...all I can say is Thank You P, D, J, C, and B for being one hell of a great family....

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