Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mom's Day 2011

To all the mom's out there who have cried tears of joy, tears of frustration, tears of sadness, tears of fear, or tears of madness....let it be said that no matter what those tears are for, I myself have found every last one of them to be worth it. I had a great Mom's Day today--my wonderful son made pancakes for breakfast, P invited me to go golfing, our two youngest cleaned the crap out of the house while we were gone, and our second oldest and I went out not only for Mom's Day but also it just so happened to be her 20th birthday today. So I treated her to lunch and she treated me to was a good trade. I came home to a new towel for my golf bag and some really funny SpongeBob golf balls that I told P I wanted to get but thought I would get picked on for! LOL I was pretty happy with my gifts today. Our oldest daughter spent the day here on Friday with her little man and hubby sitting outside all day while the kiddies played. She chose to spend this day with her little boy and had one heck of a good time with him.

I just now finished up my homework for last week and have a day to spend with my hubby tomorrow. We were hoping for nicer weather tomorrow but no such we have to find something else to do other than golf...we think we have an idea of what we'll do...gosh I love having him home on Mondays...ohoh...we just watched the weather forecast and both of us raised our eyebrows for the report for tomorrow..hmmmmmm...could be going golfing maybe??

Oh...before I go, the three bears were back in our yard last evening. It was quite a treat for the kids who got to stand on our big deck and watch them laze around the yard eating the bird food they spilled all over. They broke my big bird feeder that's been here longer than we have and another one...then one climbed a tree and two of them played with our swings for a bit. P and I missed it though but we did get some photos from our daughter. It's pretty cool for the kids to get to see them only 20 yards away but at the same time, walking out that back door and looking 10 yards away only to see big black animals next to you...that's not something we're too comfortable with! So next time, after we watch them for a bit we're going to throw a pack or two of fire crackers in hopes that will scare them..I hate to resort to sending Reggie the Retriever out the door but .... ho hum.

Anyway.... I'm going to relax now that my homework it completed and handed in for the week. I really hope all the mom's out there had a really nice day today...I know I did and am just reminded yet again how very lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband and really great kids who love me to no end! Have a great rest of the night cyber world.....


redrajesh said...

guess the above article came just in time :-)

Louie said...

Thanks Red...interesting article. I have always heard that mama bears protect their young and get nasty but this study says differently.

It's pretty cool that the kids got to see them though, I wish we would have, I would have loved to watch them. One of the smaller ones and the larger one pushed the swings on the swingset..the kids got a kick out of that. LOL

They were here last week too; I saw one getting down from my finch feeder and walk across the sidewalk and then they ran in the woods. They stole my suet feeder which I found in the woods the next morning. They didn't break that, they opened it like old pros and took the suet out!

There have been other sightings in the area too...down the road they were up against someones deck door and then another saw them in broad daylight walking through the neighborhood across the way....we call them the 'locals' now. LOL Thanks for the link!!!

louie said...

Hi Red..I left you a comment but not sure what happened to it! Blogger was down for a day so it may have gotten lost, I don't know...thanks for that link. I think the bears were back again last finch feeder is now busted! Ho hum....such is life in the middle of nowhere I guess!!!!