Monday, May 02, 2011

Hehe, a new thing to do...

As the world now knows OSAMA is dead! I won't lie and say that I wasn't a bit tickled to hear that information but it does bother me that people are 'dancing in the streets' about it. I understand why people who lost loved ones in 9/11 might be feeling some closure and might be celebratory about this but honestly....this doesn't mean the end of terrorists or future attacks--and most importantly is doesn't bring back the thousands of people who died. Certainly this man needed to go but I just don't feel, as Americans we should be rejoicing like those who did when we were attacked....this country is supposed to be better than that and shouldn't throw the shit in their faces. That's just me.. and isn't the saying--Karma is a bitch?

So P has taken me on a couple of adventures the last couple weeks. Last weekend he took me to the driving range again after about 6 years of saying we should go so we finally did. Many years ago he bought me a set of golf clubs for Mother's Day and we went to the driving range a couple times and I had a blast. I sucked but still had a great time! Ever since that time we have talked many times about how we would love to go back and maybe even go golfing someday. He ended up taking me to one store and grabbing me a golf glove and then he took me to a shoe store and we bought him and I some golf shoes. Me? Golf shoes? Oh, oh....he was getting serious now I think and was going to plan on taking me golfing sooner or later...

Guess what? I golfed my first nine holes last Monday and absolutely LOVED it! We had an 8:30 tee time and set out on what was one of the nicest days of the spring so far this year. I was disappointed that we had to be done because I was finally getting the hang of it and doing pretty decent for a first pars or anything but my shots were straight and averaging about 70-80 yards per...I know, that's laughable but still an accomplishment for me!

Over the weekend we decided to go to a golf store in the cities so P could get himself a new driver. We were planning on getting me a better set of clubs in a couple weeks but ended up looking at some anyway. After I tried out those clubs I was almost certain they were much shorter than my own that I had and my stance felt much more comfortable--I didn't want to say for sure though because I'm not a seasoned golfer.

So the clubs we were looking at? Oh my, I wanted them but knew we couldn't get them I spoke out loud wondering if we could get them without the bag because I have my dad's golf bag and another decent P asked. Lo and behold the guy had a set of used Lady Hagan's--the kind we were originally planning to purchase for me in two weeks. It was a whole set--an older model but once we heard the price they were sold. $40 for a $199 set which we verified later at another store. We walked out of the store with a whole set of clubs for me, a nice new driver for P, two putters, and some other minor accessories for cheaper than a new set of clubs would have cost for me.

Both of us were in shock most of the way home, giddy with excitement and my curiosity was really piqued about the fact that these 'new' clubs seemed shorter than my other set....we got home and the first thing we did was measure them against my old ones and sure enough...the 'new' ones were shorter by about a 1/2 inch.

Today we both got to try out our new purchases on 18-holes of golf...I couldn't wait and neither could P. We were going with his buddy too who was just as anxious to get out there. P and I got there an hour early so we could practice our putting and chipping--yeah, it was only about 37 degrees out but just as worth is as sitting out in the boat on a day like this.

After today..P's game is going to improve a great deal and so is mine. P had a hard time adjusting to the new driver but once he did? Oh my.....I'll never beat him if he keeps it up! My score didn't reflect much improvement but I felt more confidence and believe it or not...comfort with the shorter clubs. The weather was cold and made for the feeling that we were die hards out there on the course. I guess you could say we were since we were the only ones crazy enough to be out there on a day like this but hey...we are Minnesotans aren't we?

So, while we impatiently await the fishing opener, we now have something else to keep us occupied. Both of us are sore and exhausted from the mini mountains that lace the course we went to but it's a good feeling to finally have something to do that's fun and involves getting out of the house! But the only problem is is we have yet to come up with something to do to pass the long winters in this state...ho hum!

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Candice said...

Good for you guys! That's awesome! I think I should finally give it a try, my boys have been asking me for years...thanks for the inspiration! Happy Spring :)