Friday, February 25, 2011

A new toy for me

I sit here typing with my new computer that I was so lucky to get last weekend! Thanks P for my new toy! Although I think he wanted me to have it more than I did!

Our computer guru Boz advised me on the various things I should look for and slid in that Toshiba is a good brand. P and I were on our own to pick out the best one! After looking online for a couple weeks, I saw a lot of refurbished HP's, and the other brands didn't seem to offer near as much as the one I had my eye on not to mention if they had nearly the options they were quite a bit more spendy. So the one I had my eye on? A Toshiba Satellite L640/L650. Gosh I hope our guru approves!

I have to add this though...this is thee first computer we have ever had to purchase since we first got a computer all those years ago. It started with P's brother giving us his old ones but it's from there that is the thing I need to talk about.

Boz, our computer guru has not only fixed our computers all these years but he's also kept us amply supplied with the most up to date services. He's built most if not all the computers all these years, has fixed them whenever we've had issues--we were reprimanded when we took them to someone else, he's on call 24/7 if we need anything, thrown in extras for us, tweaked this or that and has done so as a really good friend to us. The most we have ever given him is many dinners but it never seems like its enough for everything that guy does for our family! But he insists it is...over the years it's been harder and harder to accept his generosity and damn I so wish we could win the lottery!

Well, this time I thought he was going to get it...I wanted to purchase a computer from him...a homemade, home-tweaked, with a lot of memory, without all the added crap the factories put on these things....and guess what? He took all his parts, old computers, everything to the recycle shop and got rid of it! I was really really sad about that because for once the guy was going to get paid...god only knows he doesn't eat nearly the food it would take to repay him for all his day though

So I was left no other option then to go out and buy one which was fine but it's not Bozified oh, and it didn't come with explicit instructions about the various things I can do....but he's going to tweak it for me!!! He told me so! I just hope he doesn't scold us for this purchase! LOL

So, it's beautiful but very hard to get used to. I have a number pad on the key board, it's shiny, the screen is big but it's horizontally rectangular which is very hard to adapt to...I'm still making adjustments to the settings on it so I don't get headaches, it's got Win7, a real honest to god webcam, all sorts of other perks that I'm terrified to mess around with....oh, it's nice but my WPM have probably decreased quite a bit. The keyboard is the same but quite a bit different than what I'm used to...

Oh but I'm slowly getting the hang of it and love it...and it better last! I'm supposed to graduate in June--getting my Associates--the whole cap and gown ordeal at a pretty big venue in the cities. I begged, nearly cried with desperation, stomped my foot, got angry...but none of it phased Pat or the kids! They demand that I attend the ceremony, walk down that aisle, and accept my degree in person! P's argument is that he has sacrificed his time with me, supported me, the kids have been here and they all want a reward for that! LOL How could I say no to that? They've been so damn wonderful and patient these last few years and have made some great sacrifices....I cannot say no even though I fear I'll pass out from a panic attack or something! He wants to watch his wife; the kids want to watch their mom accept her degree and THEN they want to have a big party! Even my mom is excited to go...I told her about it and she got so excited so we ordered her a ticket too...

After that I am continuing forward towards my Bachelor's degree. But in the mean time I do hope I might be able to find an internship somewhere so I can get some experience...and it will be this computer that I will start that journey

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