Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do you ever get the sense that our country is going to hell?

What is wrong with people in this world??!! This is so awful I can't even tell ya!

Ok, so racism has been around for eons...I get that. But tell me this....when is it that individual people will be held accountable not based on their race but based on their stupidity? Black, white, the end we are all created the same except for skin tones and an underlying shameful whispering that surrounds this world...omg, they did it because this person was black or hispanic...I have people too...I have white people, I have Indian people....omg, there are so many crimes against the indians I demand I gather my 'group' and plot a war against the white folks. But why????? To me that just sounds ridiculous.

Granted, this crime is absolutely horrible and unforgivable. White, black, hispanic or whatever, I would want to go after those who hurt my child if it were her...only the fire in my eyes wouldn't be images of a skin color but of a number of men with arms, legs, bodies, and heads that hurt my child....but then I would be deemed racists because my emotional reaction would be to seek the worst punishment against this group of black men...why is it so automatic to scream racist when a crime is committed against another of a different color than yourself?

White people rape black people, black people rape hispanic people, hispanic people rape asian people..I don't have proof of all this but I wouldn't be surprised to also learn that whites rape whites too and black people rape black people and so on--as the world turns!! But do those types of rapes wage a racial war when it occurs? Do black people play the race card because a black person they know was raped by another black person?

Oh, and hey, the pc terminology is MIA on this post...does that mean I'm racist or does it simply mean that I was raised in a generation where these words were ok to say? If you think I'm being racist and be it cuz it's people like those who create upheavals such as this! I'm wronging them because I won't bow down and soft peddle around an over-sensitivity created by God knows what! I'm white and Indian and could really care less what term others may have for me because in the end, I'm just as human as the next guy! And notice I didn't say 'woman'....

Honestly...this little girl was an innocent child sexually assaulted by not one male but EIGHTEEN....she is hispanic, they were black. What if they chose her because she was vulnerable and too young and weak to defend herself? What if they chose her because she was just there? And just what if this girl grew up and DIDN'T hate black people but understood that others just have issues and their own demons? What if she grew up preaching to the crowds about accepting everyone for who they are? What if she became a voice of reason? It will all depend on how this is handled...I couldn't blame her for holding grudges but it's what she does with that as she grows older that matters.....

It is the adults that control how the children view others....if those impressionable young children are around adults constantly degrading another because they look different the result will most likely be quite damaging. I have no time for racial issues because people make a choice in this life....either change things as best as one can and try to pave a new path for those we make an impression on...or follow in the same footsteps as those before us and keep building the wall. DUMB!

Race related or not these are all people right? I cannot figure out if those who committed this heinous act have brains or emotions of any kind yet. I don't care what color their skin, these acts were done by grown men as well as some minor boys....regardless of friggen' skin color they are all or not they're human is another thought all together. Take race out of the equation and open up a can of whoop ass!

All I know is it makes me absolutely sick to my stomach! This poor little girl having to live with this for the rest of her life....I certainly hope all who acted in this are charged!

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