Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The little Taz will arrive in about 3 days...

So it's Tuesday and things are pretty much back to normal. I had one heck of a time getting out of that 'relax' mode this morning...but once I did I managed to finish up one weeks worth of homework in my Biology class! Yahoo! Now I can focus on my Web Design class and discussion questions and prepare to have our little WeeMan over for the weekend! I'm excited.

He's getting so big and I have to say, he's turning into G-Ma's boy! He likes to sit on my lap and he is such a good hugger! He will lay his little head on my shoulder and wrap his arms around me and just stay that way for what seems like 10 minutes...I just breathe it all in with my arms wrapped tightly around him and my face buried in his little neck. There is just nothing like that moment him and I will share many times when he visits. Upon seeing pictures the kids have taken of that precious moment my eyes are always closed and I have a content smile and he is just laid out with his sweet little smile looking at the camera like 'yeah, I've got G-Ma wrapped around my little pinky'...and he's right.

I always have to make sure I have those little cups of applesauce in the fridge when he comes over cuz him and I have this thing.....he pulls me off the couch, drags me to the kitchen to the drawer and while I'm watching him I realize why he stopped pulling me at the drawer...he wants me to get a spoon out while he digs in the fridge and gets himself an applesauce. I no sooner get the spoon and take a step towards him and he's running full speed to my spot on the couch carrying his applesauce. He sits on my lap as I feed him ... yeah, he's getting a bit big to be spoon fed, I know but I cannot seem to break me of something him and I have been doing since he was old enough to eat solids.....no food for the wee ones in the living room, that's how it all started. My fault.

P and I got him this cool little Radio Flyer toy for Christmas...he can ride it forward, backward, sideways or in circles. Our youngest daughter taught him how to do the circles and on Christmas Eve the kid was in the kitchen spinning in circles for I don't know how long....all of us were standing there laughing and watching him make himself dizzy...I really hope our daughter remembers to bring it over this weekend.

Now, I sit and wait for P to be done watching this hockey special so we can finish watching Star Wars. Both of us have been suffering from some mild stomach bug the last few days so the low key movie watching activity is just what the doctor ordered. Not to mention some nice quiet time for just him and I.....

Hope everyone has a great night! Until next time.

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