Friday, October 29, 2010

I think I'm trying to talk myself into something here

So, will someone tell me? Where did summer go? Yeah, I'm a little late with that but only because I was in denial. I mean come on, we're still hoping to get in some fishing this weekend.

The winds we had here on Tuesday night, well, I'm really shocked our house is still standing and our favorite tree is too! Man, was that something never to forget. We did lose our main computer and our brand new Wii to power surges which really sucks but we were very lucky. Some friends of ours had a very large oak fall on their very beautiful house and it did plenty of damage. It saddened me to open up her email and see those photos. I'm just glad they're safe.

I was thinking (scary) on Tuesday night as I stood out on our back deck having a smoke, trying to escape the lashing of debris flying through the air. As I stood there listening to the howling and crackling of the trees in the woods, our roof panels flapping, and the low drone of the angry wind I began to think that we're in for one heck of a winter.

I'm probably wrong, I hope, but it was that wind. Because it seemed like 90% of our days were windy this summer it got me to thinking that we could have a bitter cold and windy winter. I really hope I'm wrong about that, I'm no weatherman, I'm just a woman who thinks her gut instincts are always right. ;o)

P and I like to predict things like this, it's kind of become a thing with us since we moved out here. Our most popular 'competition' is fall colors and whether they'll 'pop' or be drab. P guessed right this year--the colors were really dull and rusty which is too bad because it's so beautiful out here in the fall. It wasn't terrible. But the best place to see bright colors was deep in the woods standing under the trees buried in all the rust. And P was nice enough to take me on a walk for our anniversary so I got to see a few.

Looking around now at all the empty trees, the dried up or plowed corn fields nearly brings tears to my eyes for some reason. Each year it gets more difficult to watch the beautiful weather pass right by us. Life stands still for no one.

While winter is one of the most peaceful and more beautiful times of year, it's probably one of the hardest seasons for me to grab a hold of. Most likely because we don't do anything all winter but hibernate and leave the house as little as humanly possible..

But, I am not opposed to stepping out on our deck with a steaming cup of coffee and taking in a deep smell and allowing that shiver to just leave for some moments while I listen and look around at the pristine white fluff that surrounds us. The dead sound of life because the snow provides a sound barrier of all the noise. The feel of those cold winter fingers on my cheeks as I feel the warm coffee make it's way into my stomach. Yeah, winter is ok...beautiful as all get out, fun when we get out in the yard for a quick slide down the hill or a sneaky-snowball thrown at someone. I am not a huge fan of the cold but I remind myself that I need to look around me....and see what I would be missing if I spent all my time wallowing about it. Nope, not my style...bring it on cuz now I've given myself a pep talk! hehe

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