Sunday, October 24, 2010


One of the last fishing trips of the season and I have to say probably one of thee most rewarding and memorable!

Our boy is obsessed with northern fishing and has been riding us all season about how we never fish for northern. Many times he would be very upset with us and wouldn't hesitate to let us know how he felt. P and I love to bass fish as everyone knows.


Casting our usual bass rigs, shivering barely able to feel our fingers, and damp from the constant light drizzle all of us were becoming pretty discouraged. The bass were spotty and in 2 hours we'd only caught maybe three total. Our boy wanted to go to a specific spot so P obliged and we sat. Our boy was reeling in his green worm bass bait and something jumped at it and scared the living crap out of us....we laughed and talked about how we just hate when that happens.

The lad casted into the lily pads and we all sat fishing like we always do. Next thing I know, I hear P say..."Hey B, something just swiped at your bait, I bet you have something on there." B pulled a bit and WHAM...his line started tracking to the right at break-neck speed and the fight was on. We all thought he'd lost this mystery fish that wasn't fighting like a normal bass. I saw how quickly the line was tracking back and forth and gut instinct told me to grab the net.

Upon getting the fish closer to the boat, we were all curious, I had already set my pole down so I could net whatever it was and our son caught a glimpse and P and I hear, "HOLY CRAP! IT'S A HUGE PIKE!!!"

The relief washed over me as I realized our boy had FINALLY caught a fish that he's been trying so hard to catch and when I say he tried...I mean he really tried to the point of tears of frustration.

As I prepared to get the net into the water I caught a glimpse of this pig! OMG was all I could think and immediately started worrying that I wouldn't be able to get it in the net because northerns are notorious for making a run for it when they get close to the boat.

Thankfully, this northern was worn out but that didn't matter. I put the net in and it kept twisting like a crocodile death spin and it got wrapped in the net...thinking I could lift it with one hand I was surprised when the weight of it nearly pulled the net out of my hand. Not to mention, cold wet hands don't exactly make it easy. I yelled to P that I needed his help but there wasn't any time for him to get there.

God, if I lost this fish, I would have been crushed! I realized, as I heard people from another boat yelling that we better get that thing landed, that it was up to me. I had to get that net situated and that fish in there or my son would have been just devastated! So, I twisted around, struggled to get that net in both hands and proceeded to scoop that pig northern out of the water!

This fish was 10 1/2 lbs of fish meat and nearly as long as our boy! Our boy is one hell of a fisherman and has a knack for landing those fish that anyone else would probably lose. For an 11-year old child and a small one at that, P and I couldn't have felt more pride than we did today. I mean really, look at this fish!

So, our son's season is probably over now. He's overjoyed and elated with every last fish he caught but this one definitely takes the prize for the catch of the season!


C said...

WTG B! Glad it didn't pull you in! :)

T said...

Totally awesome fish!! Great Job B! And kudos to mom for her fabulous netting job:)