Sunday, November 07, 2010

Laid Back

Gosh it's a beautiful day out today. My pep talk in that last post is losing steam with the nice days we've had. Oh well.

Not much to report this last week. Halloween has been and gone and it was a bit lonely. We're down to our last kid who wasn't sure he wanted to trick or treat until the last minute. I think the idea of having candy was too much to resist and he had a good year. The elections have been and gone and of course there's a recount for the governors race here.

It's been very uneventful in our household this last as usual. Homework, school for the kids, work for P. Homework has been killing me these last two blocks of classes, one would never know I was only in one class right now. Algebra, oh man. It's a killer! I put in almost 30 hours of homework every week.

My next block of classes I get to start working on web design and look forward to that. Of course I have a biology course that's going to be very interesting. I get to learn about how us humans are destroying the earth!!!! The discussions are going to be entertaining I think. No more math! Yay! I guess I'm doing good though because my grade report is A's all the way down with one A-. All my hours of homework are paying off.

Our second oldest daughter had a great week. She moved into her first apartment and was also hired/transferred to a new location for her job with full time hours. She is like that 5-year old girl who would dance around here in her little dresses at the thought of Barney!

She's a hard worker who's so motivated and I believe is destined for good things in her life. A 19-year old girl, living on her own, going to college and working full time. Kudos to her and we couldn't be more proud of her. That's one kid who knows what she wants! MONEY! LOL

Not much else going on. Today I'm going to attempt to bake up our pumpkins and make some homemade pumpkin pie. I have to bake one tonight just to test it out and see how it turns out, I'm a bit nervous but thankfully I have P and the kids to be my lab rats! Oh, and myself too.
So I best get going on that and cleaning.

Hope everyone is doing well out there in cyberspace and will be back in the near future....

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