Thursday, October 21, 2010

The fence

How is it that people want their cake and to eat it too? Kicking and screaming adults are thee worst things to witness and I've seen plenty of that in an area that I have grown to dislike very much.

When people want something they jump in with both feet and grab it. But then, when the consequences of that thing they wanted SO badly turn sour, those people are the first to scream FOUL!

Fingers start to extend, hateful words start to spew, animosity grows and there seems to be a mini-war that erupts and all of it directed at another who didn't want what those people wanted in the first place. And why?

Well, that other side of the fence didn't want it because they knew the consequences. They screamed it to the roof tops and spread warnings everywhere. But it fell on many deaf ears.

Now, those who wanted their cake are pissed off and screaming foul because they don't like the consequences and it's all the other side of the fences fault. Tell me how that works?

Photo from Sean's Horse Farm and Family Blog

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