Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This blog-o-mine

Before I get started on a big cleaning job that's been calling my name for months, I thought I would post a blip on this page to keep up with my routine.

When I started this blog, it was because of Teri Shiavo. I believe that was roughly five years ago. My blog has been many things to me; a political rant, a rant about irresponsible people and the suffering of children in the hands of said people, teachers who molest students and many other things.

It's those many other things I've written that I cherish the most though. Memories of my childhood, creative stories--one of which once won me a beautiful piece of art work, moments of letting out grief and pain, memories of my children and my marriage, vacations, and so much more.

I've been attacked by malicious words, been defended by some really great friends, my words have been twisted into something horrible and used against me by those who think they know me but I learn they don't...I've been complimented for my writing, insulted for my judgmental accusations of people who in my eyes, do horrible things. I've been an open book.

So much is documented in these blogs. I wonder often if people who blog realize that they are creating history, creating memories for their loved ones to look back on. Personally, I think that is one of the greatest gifts to give to another.

I believe in the power of words; I have it stated on my blog "my thoughts, my feelings, my words, I own them". Words can hurt, words can make someone overjoyed, words can seal a deal, words reveal things, words can destroy...they can do just about anything we want and allow them to do. And mine are here...not in some notebook stashed away in the garage being used as mouse beds.

Writing was something I did a lot of as a young girl...I have notebooks upon notebooks full of pretty dark poems and thoughts...the thoughts of a messed up teenager who was very lost. There are also poems of love and life but all the same, words that no one has seen or read in years....wow, how technology has changed this world.

I am really glad that P talked me into creating this little niche in the world. We are but a minuscule speck in the ever growing blogosphere but for our kids, our friends and our family who know about these special little glimpses into our lives, these blogs will be a part of history that people will have...glimpses of their lives, glimpses of their memories, and frankly, when I'm old and gray with a crappy memory, it will provide me with a place I can go to refresh the details of my younger days...huh, now that's something I only just thought of.

Anyway...I'm almost up to 25,000 hits on this blog-o-mine and it's been a great ride so far. Thank you to all those who stop on by every once in awhile. It helps keep me motivated to come on back and one day...ONE day I may finish up that France story and get back into my rants...I have much to rant about but unfortunately not a whole lot of time these days....ho hum.


redrajesh said...

"to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived" - This part of your blog statement is pretty much applicable in my case and I have been hooked on to your blog since its AOL days. Your blog has seen me start off in India and come to USA initially for 4 months which eventually stretched to 3 years and a final return to India a few months back.

The rants....ahh...I miss them. Looking forward to your blog becoming even more popular in the near future. Keep it up.

Louie said...

Thanks Red, you've been one of my most loyal fans throughout it all! You've watched this blog undergo so many changes and so many arguments! LOL

Speaking of blogs....yours hasn't been updated since 2006--((foot tapping)).

The rants come and go these days. I used to love to do that but just haven't had the time to sit and read the news much with school and summers are always so busy..maybe though..got lots of time on my hands this week!

Thanks again btw....

Boz said...

Congrats on the many years of blogging L. As I've told you many times, I think you missed your calling, you are a fantastic writer. Its nice for me to be able to keep up with you guys even if we dont get to talk or see each other as often as we'd like. Keep up the great work!

Louie said...

Aww Boz, you're just saying that cuz you HAVE to be nice to me...you're my husband's best friend! ;0)

I love to write but never thought anything more of it than I was just babbling cuz I don't talk much in person. It's all just thoughts racing through my very full head...as you know I have a big brain!

Seriously Boz, thank you! I know we don't talk to people that often so it is nice to let them know we're still alive and well out here in hobunkville!

Christy said...

Well you know I for one look forward to the day when you finish writing about your time in France! I've loved your rants, your political writings, etc......thanks for letting me take a peek into your world and for becoming someone I can call "friend".

God's blessings