Friday, July 02, 2010

Upbeat exhaustion..I do not recommend it

It's been an exhausting week and really glad it's Friday. Ma T. is doing exceptionally well but will not be coming home in the near future. Unfortunately standard procedure for head wounds is some therapy and observation for lasting effects. It was a tough day today for all.

P is doing well, worn out and very overwhelmed with the weeks events. He's been pretty tough through all of this but I know he's screaming inside. Breaking points have reared their ugly head in the last couple of days and all I can do is fight my own fears and sadness and remain strong for him and his family. I can't say that I've been batting 1000, quickly wiping tears here and there, ducking out for some quiet thinking while P is busy with his father or mother and collecting myself so I can crack a joke or bring a smile to the faces of those I love so very much. So far I've succeeded and managed to bring a chuckle or a grin to their very sad and stressed faces. Upbeat to a point while maintaining some semblance of seriousness.

We're very grateful for the care that has been given and it has been pretty exceptional so far. We are very confident Ma T. is in good hands but I know how desperate P feels when he cannot be there for every little detail or moment that she may need to just talk to someone.

So tonight we are just taking some time to collect ourselves and find some sort of normalcy but I have to say we are both pretty exhausted and very sick of riding in cars and eating crappy food. We took our son out to Olive Garden for dinner tonight and had quite a few laughs and an enjoyable sit down meal....the first in awhile. Otherwise we've been eating on the run and not very healthy either.

The weekend we are taking day by's a holiday weekend yet neither of us are feeling that lovely holiday spirit...only numbness and exhaustion at what lies ahead for our future. We have a lot of work to do but many days to get through ... here's hoping that tomorrow sees even more improvement for Mama T. If today is any indication of her will and desire to be better we can only hope that she will continue to will herself into perfect health.

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