Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Birthday America!

We're taking the weekend to decompress and absorb the last couple weeks events not to mention the upcoming road we will have to travel. P's mom is doing very well...getting ornery which is generally a good sign that some progress is being made.

Yesterday P and I had a very nice afternoon and evening. We decided we were going to follow through with our much needed date night that's been on the calendar for many, many weeks. With all the soccer and other obligations, him and I have had very little time for yes, we got selfish!

We went to the race track and had a very good and nice dinner then watched a few races. We placed only $2 bets on the races with no luck of course. On the final race, I had horses picked out but we opted for the one horse named "Love is Amazing"--this was mostly by P's urging so we put $5 on that one and sat there and watched as my original pick came in first and the one we did pick came in was close but the bottom line, "Love is Amazing" reminded P and I that it indeed is amazing.

So, as we were walking out, making a pit stop at the bathroom, the guy came over the loud speaker and said the third place winner from that race was disqualified putting our horse in third...we only bet for the horses to show since we aren't really well versed in this stuff....I came flying out of the bathroom, P was there with an impatient look and I realized I had already tossed our ticket....thankfully I put it in my empty beer cup only a couple minutes before. Not that we won all that much but we certainly won all that we lost minus a dollar...Love sure is Amazing. LOL

We ended the night with a couple drinks at the local bar and came home and collapsed. Today we took the kids to the beach and have our usual night at the fireworks planned. After the beach we've all been just lazing around the house watching movies and doing homework....sure feels good to just relax!

Today is Independence Day...a day to remember our troops and their families and the past that has guaranteed my freedom and yours. Remember to belt out that National Anthem tonight as at some point across the world we all sing this tribute and remember....have a very safe and enjoyable evening..I know we will!

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