Thursday, July 01, 2010

Please keep my hubby and his family in your prayers

It's been a rough week. While out on the lake Monday night catching absolutely nothing, P received a call from our daughter that his mom was taken to the ER. She had fallen and cut her head open pretty bad. Bad enough for her to be admitted and to still be hospitalized as I write this.

We went to the hospital the second we got the boat home and wound up spending the night with his father who was just a wreck. Almost like he was in shock at all that was taking place.

Today was the first marked improvement that we have seen. Mama T. was in good spirits, joking around and talkative. The tears have been stubbornly held back by both P and myself but some how they have managed to moisten our eyes more often that not. The week has been rife with worry, frustration, anger, and impatience. HOWEVER....Mama T. is getting better and will hopefully be home within the next couple days.

We haven't been home much, slept much, eaten much, and have had to arrange many schedules and much time in order to be there as much as we can for Mr. T and Mama but there just never seems to be enough time when a person needs it.

Our children have been absolutely golden and have stepped up to help in any way they can. Our oldest spent the night at her grandpas last night, our second oldest has placed herself on-call, and our younger two have been great....our kids are just damn great kids and I couldn't be more grateful for their compassion, love, and ability to understand if their dad or I are stressed out and snapping at them....their ability to put a smile on our faces and help us to keep 'life' in perspective is one of those amazing qualities that I do so adore about our children...and when they can make their dad smile that just melts my heart because they know him so well and they know that he needs them right now.

My poor hubby has brought up my father's ordeal a few times as have I. That underlying fear is there for us both as it is for our kids. I have been pretty numb while at the same time on top of everything I can manage to remember in order to try to help as much as I can. A lot of that numbness is due to a familiar exhaustion that P and I will not soon forget from a couple years ago. He has mentioned it more than I have...the pain this stirs in me when he mentions it is nearly unbearable and terrifying. Not for my loss but for what my loss has created within him. Ugh!

So for now, the recovery seems to be going well...there is much still left to deal with but it's one day at a time. I only ask that prayers are said for my mom-in-law, P, and the rest of his family. I'm pretty sure she'll be just fine but it's like that drop of a pin in a silent room....the reaction to something like this is now something like a person jumping from a very loud firework.

Give me the strength to be there every step of the way for my hubby and his family....thank you for your thoughts and prayers.....


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Christy said...

I'm behind the times, I'm sorry...definitely praying though and saw the most recent update and praying for Pat's Mom as she continues to heal.

louie said...

Thank you Christy! No apologies, you have a lot going on and I'm no better!