Sunday, June 27, 2010

I fear it will only get worse

Ahhh, soccer season. I've refrained from posting on it because of my superstitious mentality! However, I've waited long enough...

P is coaching our son this year--well, he's an assistant which comes with less responsibility for us and more fun for him. Thank goodness for that! Our daughter decided not to play soccer this year instead focusing on tennis.

His team is 9-1 this season so far, in first place in their division and an absolutely amazing team when they put their minds to it. Our son has scored many goals this season as well as been part of quite a few assists which he is very proud of! He loves to be a team player and give his teammates an opportunity to shine! I have to say that P and I are very proud of his soccer abilities and his willingness to not be a part of that macho 'I'm better than you' attitude. He's a very humble child.

So, the boys have won nine games and most of them blow-outs. They've attended three tournaments this summer but our son only participated in two due to injury.

Our son has had a rough start this season. He began the season with a nagging knee pain that we finally got diagnosed at the doc--Osgood Schlatter's Disease. Nothing serious just something that's actually pretty common in children who are active and something that will go away once his growing stops. We decided to limit his playing on the field for the first few games in hopes that the less he used it and the more he focused on exercising it and icing it the better his knee would get.....and guess what. He's now playing his butt off and running the length of that field like nothing--except he had an asthma attack about a month he's got exercise induced asthma. He's also gotten kicked in the bad knee and today had a collision with another player and messed up his other knee a bit.

Needless to say mom has had to have superglue on her butt to maintain my composure and place on the opposite sideline when my child is writhing in pain across the field. Today though I said 'forget the composure!' I went over to their sideline and did my job...took care of my boy! I'd had enough! For reasons other than the injuries's been a rough season on my sideline and it takes every fiber of my being not to get up and punch someone! And today, well, I just had enough and decided I had heard enough and began to speak my peace.....lets just say I would LOVE to see these parents get their butts out on that field and play picture perfect soccer.

Anyway...the boys and their tournaments. They have gone to the championship round all three tournaments but have not had the best games to win them. It's very sad to see three solid games of play go up in smoke in the championship game..some boys play their hearts out while others are either too tired or too discouraged to continue with the fire under them....But the soccer has been intense, solid, and keeps all of us on the edge of our seats screaming and cheering!

The boys will most likely go to districts and state if they play their cards right. Some small changes need to be made that could make or break their chances of advancing ahead to state. I do believe much of those changes start with the parents and it could be difficult in some instances to enforce some things.

I've had a rough time on the sidelines with the injuries but mostly with the negativity and the people arguing with the's been very intense soccer and something I'm not all that used to--our girls at age 11 were still so girly and afraid of the ball and other's night and day really. But the competition and the expectations that are voiced to the boys are more than I can take and I've nearly lost it on more than one occasion and just let someone have a piece of my mind. Our older girls cannot stand the sidelines we sit on and have also been very vocal.

I've chosen to park my butt away from those who I cannot be around because it seems the best solution. I cannot make these 'rule with an iron fist' people see my way of thinking which is...these boys are playing good, they are working hard and they are doing the best that they can! Sure, they mess up but in the end, I know that if a person put me out on that field I wouldn't last more than 2 minutes with all that running up and down..that coordination, the aim, the aggression they need to have in order to win that ball from the opponent.....and most importantly NO FEAR! I feel the frustration with some poor reffing or a botched play but the only difference is is I don't dwell on it and target that person for the rest of the game or insult them loud enough so they or their teammates can hear.

I could complain all night about my gripes because I am just that irritated with adults who think young boys are capable of perfection and if it's not achieved, well these 'adults' don't hesitate to voice it loud enough for the boys to hear it....not to mention the refs....oh my.

I think I may have to volunteer next year to sit on the coaching side of the field somewhere.....I do enjoy watching these kids get better as the season goes on. The worst part is those who can't take a step back and look at this for what it is...a winning season and a team of boys that has really come a long way....HoHum, here's hoping I can get through the next two games while biting my tongue..

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