Thursday, July 08, 2010

Mama T. Update

Aside from other interesting tidbits seeping into our ears this week some good news was given this morning. Mama T. will be going home today! She's been in transitional care since last Friday and improving everyday!

I have to say Friday was a tough day--P and I brought her there and having to leave her was very difficult. It didn't help that Mama T. thought we were taking her home--the hospital staff left it up to us to break the news about the transitional care facility...nice eh? So that task was left up to P--I could only sit there and painfully watch this whole scenario take place--she looked at me and said, "He's kidding right?" Having to tell her no was difficult but watching P struggle with this was more so. And watching her face fall and her shoulders slump....a day I won't soon forget.

It's been a long week and a half for my hubby who's been juggling work, soccer, fishing, and the whole situation. He's a bit drained in nearly all capacities and sounds so relieved that one thing is going to give. I couldn't be happier about that--it's been hard to watch the roller coaster ride he's been on, the pain he's felt, the anger, and frustration--UGH! He's been telling me over and over how much he appreciates me and all my help with all this stuff but there's still this looming sense of helplessness..

The road is only just beginning. Parents and old age are a tough realization and something most of us think we're ready for but in the end it's really just our mind bluffing us.

I'm so relieved Mama T. is doing so well. This could have been so much worse--the cut on the head is evidence enough that things can happen so quickly. Had she been alone there's no telling what may have been--we just all know that we are glad she wasn't.

So now we have other issues to deal with, and a life to live. One day at a time, one issue at a time.