Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Mom's Day 2010

Another Mother's Day tomorrow and for some reason my peace with life is so settled right now. I am so overwhelmed with my family right now...

Earlier this week, my son told me about the plant sale they were having in his class for mom's day...I told him I wanted Hosta's so we could make a Hosta garden in place of my veggie garden. I can no longer have my veggies because our trees are growing too much and there's just too much shade. So, on Thursday on the way to school I asked him how much he needed for Hostas--he said they started at a dollar and went all the way to five dollars. So I gave him a five and said get me as many as you can.

My sweet little boy came home with nine hostas! I asked how he managed to get them all since I only gave him $5. He had taken some of his own money along to buy me more. I should mention the day before he also brought me home a single red petunia..he said it was the very last one and apologized to me because it wasn't the best one. That one single little gesture meant the absolute world to me!

So yesterday he kept talking about the plant sale and said there was still a couple more hostas left if I wanted them so I gave him two more dollars to buy them for me. I had to leave the house to get to our daughter's bachelorette party before everyone got home so I expected only two more hostas when I got home..

I got home at 10:30 last night to five huge hostas, two spider plants, another little plant that he had to replant--the little turd had taken out the rest of his money to buy them for me and according to Pat had been talking to Pat all week about how much I was going to just love him (our son) for this...I really had no idea how much that child thought of me til this week...God, it just melts me to pieces!

On top of a table full of little plants from our son, mixed in there was a really cute little bouquet of baby roses and carnations in a tiny square vase with a butterfly thingy in it from Pat and the kids. Needless to say, the appreciation I get around here brings tears to my eyes some days and this week has certainly reminded me that I am thought of by all my kids and my husband. This is love in my eyes, this is remembering that I am not just some maid service to this family, that they really do think more of me than I realize on some days....while some pangs of guilt flutter around for my ignorance to this fact, the pride and fortune I feel to be surrounded by a family that thinks of me....ugh, sorry...I'm a bit emotional.

We bought our oldest a dozen red roses for her Mother's Day and it just felt so good to see her face light up when she saw them. She in turn handed me a card and apologized that she couldn't get me more...our other daughter said she has made me a photo thing that she has on facebook...the third child? She was charming and agreeable as could be today while we were shopping...definitely a rare shopping adventure and one that I will remember for a very long time.

There is seriously nothing like being a mom, being loved by your kids and those around you....I vowed this week that I would pay closer attention to those little things my husband and kids do because in all honesty, they may be little to us but to them, it's the best they can do for us and its not just some 'have to do' gesture....sometimes I'm just as guilty of blindness to these things....I hope I can change that.

I do hope every other mom out there, including those who have dogs or cats, fish or snakes, lizards or monkeys, for kids know that they are some very special beings and deserve nothing but the best this Mom's Day!

Have a most spectacular Mother's Day all you mom's out there in the world. I know my day will be superb! (we're going to try to go fishing!) Hope the day pans out for us so we can cuz there's nothing that I would rather be doing than sitting outside, listening to the water, breathing in the fresh air, and basking in the glow of the sun with my husband and son...if only GD #3 would like fishing.....ugh!

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