Monday, May 31, 2010

A Day to remember

Before I head off to bed, I must put up a quick post.

Today was Memorial Day...a day to remember, a day to reflect, and a day to be grateful for. My thoughts for those who are serving were many this weekend as I was out enjoying my family, my husband, and myself. I would bow my head at the sight of a flag and remember that this weekend is a gift.

P, B, and I had a really great weekend...of course it was filled with fishing but add to that the beautiful weather and an overall feeling of contentment at a time in our life when things couldn't be better. I'm worn out, I'm sunburned, and I'm completely satisfied with life...a life I couldn't enjoy with out those who sacrifice, a life I couldn't enjoy without those who volunteer to maintain a freedom that on many days all of us take for granted.

With that being said....THANK YOU MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN for all that you do. My thoughts and prayers were with all of you, with those who have lost, with those who are considering is because of your bravery and courage that my family and I can enjoy all that we do.....

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