Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A weekend for the books

I'm too antsy to dig into my homework so thought if I wrote I would be better able to focus. I'm still coming down from a super-fabulous weekend. Relaxed, busy, and completely a weekend filled with perfect weather and perfect company.

All weekend we fished for bass. We caught some, lost others, and I even caught a lamprey...eewwww, was that thing ugly!

We went to the same lake on Saturday and Sunday--one that we hadn't really explored much as far as bass...the website we go to doesn't even list bass population/size on this lake but we've caught quite a few there so we thought we would dig in. Not a bad choice but not one we would make again if given the opportunity.

We caught a good number of them, they fought well, they eluded us plenty, and my 20-lb. test braided line even snapped twice on something....the big bass monster that lurks in those lily pads. Oddly enough, we had our friend Boz along on Saturday and it was he who latched on to the catch of the weekend. I say oddly enough because in typical man fashion, my line snapped so I was busy re-rigging it...he nonchalantly threw his line in the spot my line snapped and WHAM! He was surprised and blessed with a four and a half pound bass on the other end of his line.

Hmmm, I ask myself how often my husband and son have 'casually' moved into my space like that...I'd have to say Boz is catching on. Sorry Boz, I just have to give you some grief! LOL I couldn't think of a better person to catch such a bass--since I've already experienced such a thing. **smug grin** Our boy has caught his lunkers, P has caught his share of lunkers...it was due time Boz had his turn. I'm just so glad I could roust the pig for ya Boz. You can see that he is very happy with his catch in the photo.

Yesterday--ahh yesterday....this day was reserved for just my husband and I...out on the boat exploring the river for those dumb small mouth bass! Seven hours of searching turned up a hit on my jitterbug that resulted in a squirmy thing on my hook and two smaller bass for P. While it was frustrating for us with the sandbars every 100 feet it was also the most fun I had all weekend. Once again we had perfect weather and just...mmmm. A lot of fun.

Thankfully it wasn't me catching the trees this time...hehe. The river is where I caught the lamprey and it gives me the chills just remembering how that thing squirmed on my lure! ICK! I wasn't going to even take it off the hook because I thought it would attract more fish and I wasn't about to touch it. I'm not normally a squirmy fisherperson but THAT was just YUCK! My sweet man took care of it for me but I was never able to catch the fish that thing was stuck to. =(

The overall experience was something for the fishing log--no pun intended--and one I wouldn't trade for anything. We brought lunch so we parked the boat up on shore at one of those camping sites and sat at a picnic table and devoured our food and stretched a bit. Heavenly describes the weekend we had.

I'm not sure we'll venture out on the river or that lake for awhile though because we have our sites set on catching some lunkers that we know lurk in one lake in particular...unfortunately this particular lake is choked with the mil foil so getting from point A to B could prove to be a stop an go venture but all the same..the bass are in there. The river we're saving for a night or two of island camping and a bit more research. P sure enjoyed the fight of those bass he caught but they were too far and few in-between. If people could just stop being so secretive about that dumb river perhaps we could land a few...who knows...

Now I feel better so I have to get going on my homework. Have a spectacular day!

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