Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A whole lot of nothing

Today was my first actual day of being home alone and not having to run kids to the doc or pick up boyfriends since I quit my job. Wow, it was eerily quiet around here. I have to adjust to an empty house and doing homework all day instead of at night. This week that will be a bit messed up though because Pat and I will be heading up to the North Shore with some friends for the weekend.....seriously, we cannot wait!

Tomorrow is already Wednesday and I thought the week was going to creep by! But no, doesn't it just figure that I have two reports to do for school before we leave on Friday! That just means there won't be enough time in a day now because I HAVE to get these things done. But it shouldn't be too bad, I hope.

I was going to put up a post yesterday about the nude march done in Maine...women want equal rights and to be able to walk around topless. Seriously??? But the best part was the leader woman was upset because of all the men who stopped to ogle those topless women. Hello!!!! What man wouldn't gawk? And have these women never gawked at a nicely built man without his shirt on? Wow....some people! I think I'll continue to hang on to my pride in myself, my self respect and my dignity and keep my shirt on thank you very much.

We had a very nice Easter here. Very mellow and relaxed. I cooked a ham in the crock-pot, our second oldest came with her boyfriend, we didn't do anything except just sit around and watch tv. I never do that so that was a rare treat for me. We were all in good spirits, the weather was beautiful....just ahhh. I missed our oldest daughter though and our WeeMan. :(

Anyway, that about sums up all sorts of nothing.....probably won't post again til after our trip. Hopefully I'll have some pics to post but whether that happens or not is a whole other story!

Until next time...

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