Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Before I dive into my homework I just have to gush about what an amazing weekend we had! The weather god was definitely looking down on us, F and M were just as into the whole scenic thing as we are, we had smoked white fish and trout for the first time...mmmmmmmmmm, drank too much, (said 'sorry' way too much, lol) walked the trails of hell way too much, laughed a ton, got serious some....can't wait to do it all again.

Oh, I forgot to mention the place we stayed was amazing. I think my most favorite part was the view from the master bedroom....two HUGE windows from floor to ceiling that took up two corners and looked out at Lake Superior...God what a great thing to look at when you wake up....my second favorite was the fireplace...**sigh** it was beautiful.

We spent quite a bit of time on our feet on Saturday. We were told there would be a lot of walking...haha, little did any of us realize that we'd bitten off more than we could chew. By the end of Saturday we were all whining like a bunch of babies...except F was pretty quiet...hmm. But we were all just sacks of potatoes. We went to the hot tub for I don't know how long and oohed and aahed about how great it felt on our very sore limbs.

But those sore limbs were so worth it. We saw a couple of the most beautiful waterfalls--Pat and I go up north as often as we can but we don't always venture off the 'tourist paths' and see what lies behind all this other beautiful stuff. I don't think we'll be so 'touristy' from now on when it comes to the North Shore.

We were also introduced to smoked fish. In all honesty, I had my worries that I would gag but lo and behold it was amazing; so much so that we brought some home with us. The white fish....holy guacamole! I told everyone it tasted like chicken but it really tastes like summer sausage or some sort of sausage. Hard to explain.

The picture above is the view from our townhouse we stayed in....that was taken on Sunday morning, the lake was calm, the sun was shining like it had it's brights on, and we sat out on the deck and drank coffee before we had to do the dreaded packing up, showers, and the long journey home....The weekend was relaxing and memorable. We're looking forward to doing it again and we are definitely planning on it...it's really nice to have some people in our lives we can be ourselves with and do what we like to do with them....in this case, get our butts outside and enjoy nature. Thanks F and M for a really, really great weekend!

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