Saturday, April 17, 2010

Busy and physically drained!

Busy, busy day today! Pat and I went to an endorsement convention this morning which was something neither of us has ever done. What an experience and one we were definitely not prepared for...but the candidate we were supporting won. We were pretty surprised by this since he's new to the circuit and the competition was tough. The whole thing was emotionally charged and at times, it was hard to hold back those tears of sadness for the candidates that conceded.

Then we came home for an hour or so and headed to a benefit for a local family who lost all their belongings and home to a fire a few weeks ago. Whoever put this event on put a lot of time and work into preparing this and it was a GREAT success. The family was there to give a speech which was tearful. There were so many people there one could hardly walk.

We just had an interesting day today. We aren't much for these sorts of things--we've maintained a pretty low profile in our little community here but it's quite surprising just how many people we know....pretty much 80% we worked with, recognized and couldn't place them, did daycare for them, newspaper contacts or just new them from seeing them around town.

It was a good day but I'm exhausted. Pat and I bought bikes yesterday and went on a bike ride with the kids...lets just say that both of us were really lagging on the way home and I laid myself on the grass as soon as I parked that thing.

Right now, Pat and I are in this transformation thing....taking better care of ourselves, getting more active, and eating better. So completely opposite of our normal selves. We actually started walking late last summer but then when the weather cooled off, that pretty much ended that. Now however, we've gone for a couple walks, we hiked our butts off last weekend, we purchased WiiFit plus and are constantly competing with the others score and now we have new bikes. My body is screaming at me wondering what in the heck is going on.....Sore? Uh-huh. Tired? You bet! Feeling a bit rubbery and weak? Oh my, yes...but it all feels really good. The kids are really happy that we're taking better care of ourselves and mostly that we got bikes. The whole family bike ride thing is really a hit with them. I just have to get out of this fatigued state before I can muster the courage to push ahead and get used to all this......

For now, I need to close my eyes and rest my weary's been a very active week and a half for me and my achy old self is needing some R & R! Have a great night all....

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