Monday, March 22, 2010

Decompression on the way.....

Another block of classes out of the way. Slowly making my way to that degree and I couldn't feel better about it! I got a great family supporting me and who are patient, a husband who helps me if I need it and who has hung in there while I adapted to what has become an extremely hectic schedule, and an overwhelming desire to succeed at this! It's a good day.

I started one of my IT courses tonight and I'm thinking, in the end, I will be happy with my choice to change my major. I also started a Religions of the World course. I might actually really enjoy that class, I think it will be quite interesting.

I put my notice in at my job last Monday. With this economy? Yep, you betchya! Pat and I have talked about it for months and I went to the doc a few weeks ago and she told me I have to give something up because I'm stretching myself way too thin. Going to school full time, working all day, kids, a hubby who's job is stressful and who needs me to be there, time for myself. Let's just say I haven't been getting much sleep the last few months. I've been getting sick a lot more in the last month than I can remember, I'm stressed, craving time for myself to just hang out with Pat or the kids and watch some dumb tv show...yeah, something needed to go. I've been running on empty for far too long and it's catching up with me now.

People have told me that I whine about our busy life but when someone is constantly on the go, running kids here and there, going to school full time, working, trying to run a household, trying to make sure not to forget a birthday, trying to maintain a solid family and marriage, running errands, planning parties...after awhile, I would be the first to tell another that it's time they slow down. I just did this to a girl I met in school...she's working two jobs while her hubby works overnights, she has two young kids, goes to school full time...a human body is only capable of so much. so if people want to say I'm whining...have at it. Until you live a day or a week in our life, you have no idea.

The saddest part is I have had to stop dead in my tracks, think of what day it is, go through my mental list of birthdays or special days and make sure I didn't just completely blow off a special day in my families life. And that is no lie.....I panic because I've been so busy with everything else in our lives I think I may have missed something and that's tough for me. I never forget my kids special day, birthdays and so far, I'm keeping a good track record in that department but God strike me down if I am so damn busy that I miss something! And at the speed I'm going, it will happen!

I would have thought our life would slow down once the kids got older. But it seems that we now have more time to spend with our younger two and to focus on their needs. Soccer--that's already begun for our son. Our daughter will be playing tennis this summer again. I think by quitting my job, I made a really good decision--our son has soccer on Saturdays and Sundays for the next couple months. That leaves not a single day to just relax because of homework and everything else on top of thatl. With no work, I can spend the days during the week focusing on my education and then have time for my family and for myself. I am so very excited! I'm sure I'll eventually get a part time job but for now, I just need to breathe.

Anyway, now I need to get to bed. I have six more days left to work, that includes tomorrow and it's getting late. I couldn't be more grateful to Patrick at this very moment for his support for my decisions I've been making. Without him, I don't think I would ever survive the current rat-race that I'm in!

Thank you P!

Have a great night all.....

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