Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A summary of sorts

Well, well,'s been a couple weeks hasn't it? I guess I haven't been in the mood to post, same old stuff going on not to mention I've had very little free time but that's besides the point.

Pat and I had a great Valentine's Day weekend. It was laid back, romantic, relaxing, and just nice to enjoy some time together. We didn't make it to the Casino or to the movie. That's ok though, we found other things to do and probably had more fun and spent our money more wisely.

Last weekend we didn't do much either...we were going to do some things but ended up being lazy. Probably a good thing because before we know it it will be soccer season, tennis season, and fishing season and our lives will be crazy!

We brought our boat motor in to get a tune-up so it's ready to get out on the lake. Can't wait to get out on a couple that we've been eying. We got a Gander Mountain ad last weekend and Pat's been drooling over the fishing poles....but he loses this year, him and our son have been getting nice fishing gear for the last couple years and are all geared up while I have been patiently waiting my turn and my turn is this year! New pole and new reel for bass fishing....hehehehehehehe, it's so fun to just rub it in every time Pat starts hinting at getting him a new pole and giving me his old one. But he also knows that he can twist my arm if he tries hard enough..I'm a pushover! NOT!!!

This coming weekend is our son's 11th birthday already. Our two oldest will be here with our WeeMan and their significant's going to be a full house and all for B's birthday. I really love how our kids remember special days around here....birthdays have always been a big deal. I have a tradition of getting a picture of the four kids at every birthday....I've been doing that for as long as I can remember....this will be no different.

Still trudging along with work and school. It's been a stressful couple weeks with both my job and Pat's and we both really can't wait to get home so we can chat and just be. Pat's had a lot of meetings these last couple weeks so tomorrow...I'm meeting him for dinner and then after his meeting we're going to change it up a bit and go have a beer. He's been having just really crazy and stressful days and dealing with a lot so I asked if he would enjoy having a beer...he thought that was a great idea so it will be.

Not much else going is as good as we make it and I have to say, ours is pretty damn good! Hope everyone is well in cyberspace....

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