Friday, February 12, 2010

One of my most favoritest days of the year is here again....

I have been waiting for this weekend for the last two-three weeks! Gee, if you've been a regular at my blog you would know why....

This year will mark 25-years--I remember looking at him from across the room; health class of all classes. He would glance my way and I would coyly look the other way. This went on for a few days before he finally got the nerve to ask me to the dance which I quickly shook my head no to since I already had a date. I believe I wrote somewhere on this blog how that all went down.

It was him I really wanted to go to the dance with...and I so badly wanted to talk to him but nope, I have a stubborn streak. That whole incident has made for some very animated stories from Pat and I. People ask us how we met and we usually look at each other and I let him begin as I inject this or that and correct some area that he purposely embellishes on....ahhh, Patrick....we're still making stories that we tell people about.

Last year at this time, I was nervous as all get out. Pat had asked me out on a real date. Usually we go out every weekend for dinner, a couple beers and some darts or whatever but not a formal date where he asks me to go out on a date and requests that I dress up in a nice black dress. And it was a very romantic date with great food, great company and memories to last a lifetime. I felt like that teenage girl all those years ago that fell head over heels in love with that really cute new kid.

So now I sit here stressing once again. He's invited me on another dinner date to the same romantic place and included not only a movie but also going to serve chili with him and then heading to the casino to meet up with some friends...BUT...I want a new outfit. Yes I'm a whiner, I want to get him flowers--oh, I didn't mention that I came home today from running errands and sitting on our counter was a beautiful red vase with 1/2 dozen roses with baby's breath and a bow and everything. I also just got two roses from him a week or so ago....he must have discovered he likes the smell of the flower shop or something.

25-years of ups and downs, more laughs than tears, four great kids with a wee grand baby we both adore so much, many great vacations and adventures, and a love that conquers every damn hurdle no matter how big it may be; what more could a girl want in a marriage?

This is our 'Silver' Valentine's Day. It's definitely cliche that we started dating on this upcoming day--but superstitious as I am, I refused his initial request to be his girlfriend on Wednesday, February 13, 1985. 13 is just not a number I wanted to celebrate the beginning of us.

I'm not much of a romantic I don't think but sometimes I have to ask if I secretly am....No matter, I'm looking so forward to my weekend with the man who has given me so much joy and love....

May you all have a very special someone to share sweethearts day with. Happy Valentine's Day!

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