Monday, January 18, 2010

Just an update

What an absolutely fabulous day it was today! Wow, it felt like spring out there; the only thing missing was the smell of spring and washing my truck. I had the day off of work today; MLK day.

I didn't do much other than email my man and get acquainted with my new classes. I'm hoping this block will not require so much writing and research. I've switched my major, did I already mention that? I'll be going to school for IT stuff....I had three choices on my mind when I started this whole school thing--accounting, psychology, and some sort of computer based degree.

After experiencing some of the accounting ins and outs I decided I didn't think I would survive it. I actually may have at this school but numbers have a big impact on people's lives in that capacity, do I REALLY want to be responsible for that???? I'm definitely not a leader sooooo, nah. Psychology...oh I would really really love to go to school for marriage counseling or child psychology or something along those lines buttttt....that requires a lot of years of schooling, I will be damn near retirement age by the time I would get a that left my third option..computers. And I do really enjoy computers so I'm hoping I've settled now.

Last week was hell week for both work and school....I am so glad it's over. School was all about final draft for my 2000+ word report and a critical analysis of four different websites. Wow, the analysis took me all week and the report took me six hours. The best part of all that? I handed my report in late Saturday 1/2 hour before deadline. Sunday I woke up, and my score was already posted...I was docked only 2 points on the entire thing! I was very pleasantly surprised since in high school that sort of work habit never produced good results. Cannot wait to get my grade although I'm thinking I'll be getting no less than an A- in each class...I have to say Sunday was such a heavenly day for me....Oh, and the Vikings won, I almost forgot that important tidbit...

Work, well it was testing week for the entire school and as a para, it is part of my job description to do the reading testing. Timer in hand for 5 hours, student after student and this was two of the three days....on Friday we began testing for the Kindergarten students which continues this week.

Sitting here watching Pearl Harbor with Patrick...some pretty unrealistic stuff in this movie but the love story is ok I guess. The bombing scene is also very intense and heart breaking...war was so war back then. Bravery and courage really stood out. It exists today as well but things used in war were so undeveloped....

Pat talks about the Civil War with me sometimes and I just cannot believe how bold/brave men were back then. I've watched many movies with him on this and I will begin to giggle out of sheer awe. Of course Pat will ask me why I'm giggling and I have to explain each and every time...The men would walk straight towards each other, guns aimed and once within range begin firing. One round mind you...then they would use their bayonets and a bloodbath was born. I don't giggle because it's funny but because I am astonished by this....what courage it took for these men to walk into their own death for something they believed in...walking up to a man and stabbing him to death.

Glory is one of my favorite movies--about the 54th Massachusetts Regiment; the first black infantry to be allowed into battle during the Civil War. The battle for Fort Wagner. Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington, Cary Elwes, Robert Gould Shaw, and Morgan Freeman were absolutely wonderful in this movie...If I remember correctly, Denzel won an award...just an all around great movie.

Things were a little more advanced in 1941--machine guns, planes, subs, strategy--of course in this movie, there wasn't any ground war but even still, weapons were much less prehistoric.

I don't know, war certainly isn't my strong suit but I do enjoy watching movies based on them..especially with Pat because he's my walking encyclopedia. I have a question, he generally has an answer, almost as if he knew my question was coming....That in an of itself amazes me on a daily basis...

Enough babbling for the night...have to go back to work in the a.m. but I did enjoy the day off today. Always nice to kick back and have a long weekend...have a great Tuesday everyone

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