Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy First Birthday to our Little WeeMan!

Today at 4:01pm our first little grandbaby turned one-year-old!!! Wow, this time last year we were looking at him for the first time and that photo in the sidebar of my blog was snapped. He has grown so very much since, just like every child does. He's now walking and trying to talk and is the sweetest little cuddle buns! He's definitely got his g-ma and g-pa wrapped around that precious little finger of his!

Last night his mama, daddy and him were here for dinner. Our little WeeMan is like my shadow...he loves to be in the kitchen with me tearing my cupboards apart or shoving the dish racks in on the dishwasher and slamming the door shut....he just loves to 'help'. Yes, I may be biased about my grandson but he just melts my heart all to pieces!

As they were getting ready to leave the house we were waving and marveling at how cute it all was. I blew him a kiss...I tried this once before but he didn't want anything to do with that since he was so busy practicing what his grandpa taught to wave! Yes, he did it once for his mama and dad and never again until he was anyway, blowing that kiss...

I never thought he would actually do it, after all, he is a boy! And how corny and unmacho is that?! Never the less, I tried....Peanut removed the nuk from his mouth after I blew WeeMan a kiss and lo and behold....up his little hand went IN to his mouth, he mimicked the mmmmmm and threw his hand at us! He did this like 4 times, and notice I say his hand went IN to his mouth...all four little fingers were in his mouth as he hummed....apparently, according to his mom and dad, this was also a first...whether they say that just to make us feel good or not really doesn't makes us feel pretty special to that little boy!

Anyway, I thought I would share a few pics of the birthday boy taken within the last few weeks. He is quite a little boy!

I know his mama is not feeling well today, in fact she's feeling pretty sick as I write this. I feel bad for her being sick on his first b-day but I know they had a fun day with him. I also know that she's feeling pretty sad as well because her baby is already a year. To me, my baby has a baby....the circle of life...gawd what a wonderful experience this journey is!

Happy Birthday to our precious Lil WeeMan......

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