Saturday, January 16, 2010

More smoking AND spitting bans being considered at the park.

Why should joggers be allowed to spit and not others? Seriously, if a jogger needs to spit he should really do so in the privacy of his own home and contaminate his or her own space, I certainly don't want to be exposed to someone else's germs. Eww, that's just completely gross! And really, why does a jogger need an entire park to spit in? What if a walker gets a bug in their mouth, should they count that in their protein intake for the day? Or what if a walker needs to vomit, should they simply swallow it and run home to get to the nearest receptacle in order to do this in the privacy of their own home? Of course none of us would want to witness the vomiting but come on people, lets get serious...

All this ranting from one little statement in this article: "People out jogging may need to spit because of physical activity," he said

Tell me again why they don't ban non-smokers from parks? Tell me why they don't have a smoking area, OUTSIDE, in the public park that is for anyone who would like to enjoy a nice day or a stroll? Why not confine non-smokers to a certain perimeter of the park and take away their rights as citizens of this fine country? Why not make a jogging park specifically for non-smoking health nuts who are allowed to eat and drink and exercise however they want in this great country.

I tire of the argument with non-smokers. When it's one of their God given rights being taken away perhaps I'll hop on the anti-bandwagon and fight to tear away some of their rights and freedoms...they don't get it, they are like talking to brick walls. It's a sad, sad day. While I may not be a smoker for much longer, my loyalties lie NOT with the smokers but the smokers rights as Americans....when will people get that????

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