Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gushing about our WeeMan...

What a day...we attended WeeMan's 1st birthday party. The poor little guy was soo worn out by the end. He slept peacefully in his aunt's arms while everyone else cleaned up or prepared to leave. I got a lot of time with him considering all the people there. It was a great party and our daughter and her fiance did a great job!

It really amazes me how very much that little guy has captured the hearts of all our kids and Pat and I. None of us can seem to get enough of him and we go round and round about who's going to hold him next even though he's completely mobile and pretty independent...and I have to say, the connection him and our son have is amazing. WeeMan didn't even care that we showed up at first today, he gave his Uncle B a big smile and waved like they were old friends.

The capability of the human heart to continue to make more and more room for yet another to love is so crazy. And no love is identical, it's all very different.

It was a bitter sweet week this week, one year of getting to know this little boy who's an extension of us, who's a part of us yet in a distant way, this little boy who has gone from a helpless little creature to a functioning little human who barely needs us to help him or hold him.

I have to say I'm turning into a doting gramma, always wondering where he's at, always waiting for his little arms to reach for me, always looking for that little grin he gives me....

There is nothing like loving a grandbaby...I always wondered what the hoopla was, thought in the beginning it was just a myth but I'm learning at a rapid speed how very different and special it is.
He definitely is a special little guy, a very precious gift that someone thought would be a perfect fit for our lives....and he is just that and then some.

Things happen for a reason in people's lives and things are not given to us that we are not able to handle....two things I am a firm believer in. The changes I've seen in myself, Patrick and our kids have been amazing...hmmmmm, how we can go through life not knowing that there are these little human beings that will suddenly exist one day and that will affect every part of our person is such a giant leap...Our four kids touched places in us that we never knew we had, opened up door after door of awe and that one of them has given us something else new, we are faced once again with a new adventure that changes so much.

Life has been quite an experience around here for the last year and a half. Happy and sad, tragic and miraculous, stressful and exciting--sometimes it's feels so overwhelming but many other times it's just so damn wonderful!

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